Planting Your Vegetable Garden? Make Room for Flower Bulbs!

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on May 22, 2015 10:15:00 AM

Vegetable gardens are prettier and a lot more fun when they contain flowers as well as vegetables. Tulips and dahlias are perfect for vegetable gardens. They fill a gap in spring and fall without competing for growing space.


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Spring-Blooming Bulbs: We Want Your Reviews!

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on May 15, 2015 10:15:00 AM

Darwin Hybrid Mix

Before this beautiful spring weather becomes a distant memory, would you please take a few moments to tell us how your bulbs performed in your garden this spring?

If you planted tulips, daffodils, alliums or any other spring-blooming bulbs from Longfield Gardens, please visit our website and add a review. Your feedback is very important to us...and to other gardeners! 

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How We Select the Best Spring-Flowering Bulbs for Your Garden

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on May 8, 2015 10:30:00 AM

If you haven't experienced springtime in Holland, put it on your bucket list. Holland produces more than 4 billion flower bulbs every year -- 80% of the global supply -- and in April, the farm fields in every direction are a patchwork quilt of red, yellow, pink, orange, blue and purple. There are also amazing public gardens, such as the Keukenhof, where you can walk through acres of flowering bulbs.

We visit Holland every spring at peak bloom time to meet with growers, see what's new, and select new varieties and combinations for next season.


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Beauty of the Bud

Posted by Marlene Thompson on Apr 24, 2015 12:00:00 PM

ABOVE: Early in the bloom time of Tulip Van Eijk, the buds have a sleek silhouette and stand tall ready to burst with beautiful potential.

Spring is a wonderful time of year, especially if you planted tulip bulbs last fall! Depending on your location, you are either seeing tulip foliage push up through the ground, enjoying a full display of flowers or somewhere in between. Last year I planted Darwin Hybrid Tulips Mystic Van Eijk in my front landscape bed and captured the progression of spring as told through the beauty of the tulip bud.

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7 Ways to Make Your Shady Garden Shine

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Apr 17, 2015 10:10:00 AM


If your yard is shadier than you'd like, you may feel a bit jealous of gardeners with lots of sun. But shade offers some unique design opportunities. Here are a few tips to help you turn those shady areas into places that are as beautiful and exciting as any sunny garden.

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Elephant Ears: Late Summer Fireworks for Your Pots and Planters

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Apr 10, 2015 10:10:00 AM


Gardeners are pushing container plantings to new heights. Both pots and plants keep getting bigger and more spectacular. Along with canna lilies, ornamental grasses and even bananas, one of the most popular plants for these outsize containers is elephant ears.

With their enormous heart-shaped leaves, these gentle giants don't need flowers to attract attention. The dramatic foliage and impressive height create an instant focal point. They're also fun to watch, because the slightest breeze sets the leaves in motion, shivering side to side or swaying to and fro.

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5 Ways to Make Your Garden More Butterfly-Friendly

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Apr 3, 2015 10:08:00 AM


It’s fun to see a butterfly passing through your garden – but more fun when they stay for a while. If you want your yard to be a popular hangout, you can take a number of easy steps to make it more welcoming.

1. Grow Their Favorite Flowers

Butterflies may look like they’re flying around randomly, but they're actually on a mission to find their next meal. Adults live on flower nectar and need to eat constantly. Growing many different types of flowers will ensure your garden always has something in bloom. Keep in mind that butterflies like to dine in the sun and they prefer flowers with a flat top (such as zinnias or coneflowers) or flowers that grow in clusters (like lilacs or phlox). Click here for a list of some favorites. 

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Eucomis: Why Grow Pineapple Lilies?

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Mar 27, 2015 10:10:00 AM

Last summer I grew eucomis for the first time. As you can see in the photo above, it was a big success. I discovered that pineapple lilies are incredibly easy to grow, really beautiful in person, and they bloom for almost a month.

Pineapple lilies are native to southern Africa, where the weather is about as different as you can get from my zone 4 garden. So I was surprised to discover how well they grew. If you garden where summers are hot and humid, you can expect even better results. 

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6 Tips for Growing Caladiums in Zones 5-7

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Mar 23, 2015 9:20:00 AM


If you live in the northern half of the U.S., you may think caladiums are only suitable for southern gardens. Not so! The photo above was taken in a zone 6 garden in New Jersey, and we have customers from Pennsylvania to Iowa getting the same great results.

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How Big Will Your Flowers Bloom?

Posted by Marlene Thompson on Mar 13, 2015 12:47:19 PM

When shopping online and in stores, it can be a challenge to feel confident that you are getting exactly what you want, especially when it comes to bloom size. To help you buy with confidence, we have put together this helpful infographic to explain flower sizes in terms of other everyday objects, along with the diameter of the bloom in inches and, of course, inspirational photos that tell the story of the size.  

If your goal is to grow the biggest flowers on the block, or even if you just want to coordinate sizes with your existing garden plants and shrubs, this infographic willl help sort it all out.

Start planning now and download our Bloom Size Infographic today!

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