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Fresh Ideas for Growing Cannas in Your Garden

Growing Lily of the Valley: Tips and Tales

Attract Butterflies to Your Garden with Liatris

Give Your Garden a Lift with Clematis

How to Use Ferns in Your Garden or Landscape

Eucomis: Pineapple Lilies for Your Patio

Bartzella: The YELLOW Peony

Shake Up Your Garden With Elephant Ears

Time to Jump Start Your Tuberous Begonias

New Dahlias and a Sneak Peek at This Year’s Cutting Garden

Amaryllis: The Beauty of the Bud

Amaryllis: A Simple Gift

How to Know When Amaryllis Bulbs Will Flower

Decorate Your Entryway for the Holidays

The Perfect Pair: Daffodils and Hostas

Growing Muscari in Containers

How to Force Hyacinth Bulbs for Indoor Flowers

How to Overwinter Dahlias

How to Protect Fall Bulbs From Chipmunks and Squirrels

Planting Tulip Bulbs in Your Vegetable Garden

Muscari: The Special Sauce for Your Spring Garden

Bloom Time Chart for Allium Bulbs

How to Use Alliums in a Naturalistic Garden Design

Where to Plant Fall Bulbs: There’s Always Room for More

Best Daffodils for Naturalizing

Long-Lasting Tulips and Daffodils? Start Here

Know Your Dahlias: Flower Styles and Sizes

Top Performing Dahlias for Summer 2016

Midsummer Update from Our Trial Garden

Know Your Lilies: Asiatics, Orientals, Trumpets and More!

Best Practices for Watering Plants

New Tulip Bulbs for Fall 2016

American Flowers Week Promotes Locally-Grown Cut Flowers

Fertilizer Basics — Why and How to Feed Your Plants

How to Control Red Lily Leaf Beetles

6 Ways to Control Garden Slugs and Snails

Aftercare Tips for Spring Bulbs

How to Extend the Peony Season

What Were Your Favorite Spring Bulbs?

Planting Dahlias in Your Vegetable Garden

How We Select the Best Flower Bulbs for Your Spring Garden

How to Keep Container Plants Looking Their Best

7 Design Tips for Shady Gardens

Love Alliums? See How a Garden Designer Puts Them to Work

Celebrating Spring Bulbs – From Bud to Bloom

Making an Impact With Border Dahlias

Bloom Time Chart for Spring and Summer Bulbs

Best Garden Flowers to Attract Bees

Facebook Fans Say Mental Health Is Top Reason for Gardening

Early-Blooming Flower Bulbs Announce Spring’s Return

Planting Tuberous Begonias: Which End Is Up?

Make Way for Lilies: How to Fit More Lily Bulbs in Your Garden

How to Plan for a More Colorful Flower Garden

New Cut Flowers for Your 2016 Garden

New Dahlias for 2016

Color Trends for Your 2016 Garden

Overwintering Dahlias? Time To Check the Tubers

How to Plant an Indoor Amaryllis Garden

Amaryllis and Paperwhites: Inspiration Is Everywhere!

Growing Amaryllis with Kids: 6 Fun Projects

Amaryllis Bulbs: Why Size Matters

Planting Tips for Naturalizing Daffodils

The Flowerhouse – A Blooming Showcase of Past, Present and Future

Hurry Spring with Early-Blooming Bulbs

Perfect Pairs: 3 Ways to Combine Muscari with Tulips or Daffodils

Pick Your Favorite Alliums and Pin It to Win It!

How to Protect Tulip Bulbs From Voles

Field to Vase Event Celebrates Locally-Grown Cut Flowers

Want Bigger, Brighter Tulips? Plant Hybrids!

Color-Changing Tulips: New Varieties for Fall 2015

Inspiration for Your Spring Garden: Tulips Go Casual

Plant Ornamental Allium Bulbs Now for Flowers Next Spring

Top Performing Tulips? Plant These Timeless Favorites

6 Tips for Planning a Beautiful Spring Bulb Garden

Are You Ready to Enjoy an AMAZING Bulb Garden Next Spring?

How to Make a Hand-Tied Flower Arrangement in 5 Easy Steps

Fragrant Lilies for Your Summer Garden

What’s Your Favorite Hosta?

Dahlias from Bud to Bloom

Growing Dahlias: How and Why to Pinch Your Plants

Which Flowers Do Hummingbirds Like Best?

5 Tips for Long-Lasting Flower Bouquets

Want More Bees in Your Garden? Plant More Flowers!

How to Stretch the Peony Season

6 Reasons Your Flower Garden Needs Alliums

Planting Your Vegetable Garden? Make Room for Flower Bulbs!

Spring-Blooming Bulbs: We Want Your Reviews!

How We Select the Best Spring-Flowering Bulbs for Your Garden

Beauty of the Bud

7 Ways to Make Your Shade Garden Shine

Elephant Ears: Late Summer Fireworks for Pots and Planters

5 Ways to Make Your Garden More Butterfly-Friendly

Eucomis: Why Grow Pineapple Lilies?

6 Tips for Growing Caladiums in Zones 5-7

How Big Will Your Flowers Bloom?

Favorite Flowers for a Fragrant Garden

Why Snow is Good for Spring Bulbs

Garden Inspiration: Border Dahlias Around Our Homes

How to Extend the Peony Season

Why Landscape Designers Like Caladiums

Why is Stargazer the World’s Most Popular Lily?

What Is Your Color Personality?

Falling In Love With Dinnerplate Dahlias

Ready To Grow Big Blooming Dahlias?

“Gardening Makes the Best Snow Days”

Wow Plants for Your Summer Garden: Tropicanna Canna Lilies

What to Do with Amaryllis Bulbs After They Bloom

New for 2015: Kaveri Oriental-Asiatic Lily

“When Will My Amaryllis Bulbs Bloom?”

Double Amaryllis Inspiration

Great Ideas For Gifting Amaryllis Bulbs

Not Seeing Red — Amaryllis Bulbs for the Holidays and Beyond

Amaryllis Bulb Size: What the Measurements Mean and Why They Matter

Planting Paperwhites and Amaryllis Bulbs in Recycled Containers

6 Tips for Growing Paperwhites

Adventures in Late Fall Bulb Planting

Spring Bulbs in Zones 8-10? Yes!

Landscaping With Spring-Blooming Bulbs

What to Plant Now: Darwin Hybrid Tulips

Make Way for Daffodils

Protecting Gardens from Deer

Flamboyant Parrot Tulips

Fragrant Spring-Blooming Bulbs

Spring Bulbs for Naturalizing

Plan Ahead for the First Flowers of Spring

Spring Bloom Times – Enjoy 60 Days of Color!

Breeding a Better Tulip

Grow This: Exotic Scilla Madeirensis

Color Trends – Black and White In Your Garden

Allium – Fireworks in the Garden and In Your Home

Trending Thursday – Muscari Inspiration

The Tulip House – Bulb Garden Inspiration

Home Grown Strawberries and a Recipe

From The Child of a Gardener

A Week At Keukenhof

Supporting Peony Plants with Cages

Daffodils – Spring’s Sunshine

Blooming Now – Crocus and Tulips

Snow Over Spring Flowers

Spectacular Spring Bloom – Iris Reticulata ‘Harmony’

Variety Spotlight – Border Dahlia Art Nouveau

Variety Spotlight – Dahlia Gallery Pablo

Color Feature – Elephant Ear and Caladium

Using Terrariums to Force Begonias Indoors

Announcing the Winner of our $150 Giveaway!

Dahlia Rembrandt and Caladium – A Perfect Pair

Enter to win $150 Gift Card for Valentine’s Day

Amaryllis Bulb Aftercare

Gift with Purchase…Free Paperwhite Bulbs – Today Only!

Amaryllis Nymph – A Beautiful Series!

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winners!

Join Us on Google+ Hangout for the Best Holiday Gifts

Fantastic Finds in a Tulip Mix

Flower Trends – The ‘Ombre’ Daffodil

Amaryllis Holiday Gift Giveaway!

Happy Halloween!

The Beauty of Growing Indoor Bulbs

Tulip Trends & Inspiration

Our Garden Giveaway Winner

How to Grow Early Spring Color

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Garden Giveaway

Trending Thursday – Alliums In The Garden

Deer Resistant Bulbs

Muscari As A Companion Plant

A New Look At Glads

A Tulip of Many Colors

Wordless Wednesday

Win $100 In Bulbs!

Decorating Your Outdoor Space

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Radiant Red & Orange In The Garden

Wordless Wednesday

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Fireworks in the Garden

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How To Pinch Dahlias

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Hosta Inspiration

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Peonies: Garden to Vase

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Container Style

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May 2013 Calendar

Garden Tip: Good Soil for Beautiful Gardens

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Taking The Heat!

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Daffodil Bulbs As Borders

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Magnificent Muscari – Blooming Now!

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Oh No DEER…Not Here!

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Color Trends in the Garden

Wordless Wednesday

Wedding Flowers: Calla Lily

Wordless Wednesday

An Elephant In The House?

Wordless Wednesday

Terrariums Warm Up Winter

Wordless Wednesday

Forcing Begonias Indoors

Unique Color Is Natural For Rebecca’s World

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