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Want More Bees in Your Garden? Plant More Flowers!

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Jun 12, 2015
Next week is National Pollinator Week, so it’s a great time to think about making your garden more bee-friendly. What’s the single best thing you can do? Plant more flowers! The more pollen and nectar you offer, the more pollinators you’ll support. Bees are hungry from early spring…
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Topics: Garden Design , Habitat Gardens , Inspiration , Summer Blooming Flowers

7 Ways to Make Your Shade Garden Shine

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Apr 17, 2015
If your yard is shadier than you’d like, you may feel a bit jealous of gardeners with lots of sun. But shade offers some unique design opportunities. Here are a few tips to help you turn those shady areas into places that are as beautiful and exciting as any sunny garden.
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Topics: Foliage Plants , Garden Design , Inspiration , Shade Plants

5 Ways to Make Your Garden More Butterfly-Friendly

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Apr 03, 2015
  It’s fun to see a butterfly passing through your garden – but more fun when they stay for a while. If you want your yard to be a popular hangout, you can take a number of easy steps to make it more welcoming. 1. Grow Their Favorite Flowers Butterflies may look like they’re flying
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Kathleen LaLiberte has been writing about gardening for more than 30 years from her home in northern Vermont, where she tends a half acre of flowers, vegetables and fruit. She has been working with Longfield Gardens since 2011.