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Double Amaryllis Inspiration

Posted by Marlene Thompson on Dec 15, 2014
Enjoy twice the flowering beauty with double amaryllis! A beautiful variation of the regular flowering version, double amaryllis feature buds that burst open to reveal layers of petals, creating a ‘double’ look to the big bloom. Double amaryllis come in a variety of colors from white to red and pinks in between. The Nymph Series
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Great Ideas For Gifting Amaryllis Bulbs

Posted by Marlene Thompson on Dec 12, 2014
Giving an amaryllis is almost as much fun as receiving one! With so many ways to put together a spectacular amaryllis gift, it’s no wonder they are such a popular winter flower. The fun of giving (and getting) an amaryllis bulb is that it will continue to bloom and brighten up winter long after the
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Not Seeing Red — Amaryllis Bulbs for the Holidays and Beyond

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Dec 08, 2014
How and why red became the color of Christmas is up for debate. Some trace it back to medieval times or even earlier. Whatever the reasons, this is the season for red, and for holiday-themed plants that means holly, poinsettias and amaryllis. By the time January rolls around, many of us are eager to see
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Amaryllis Bulb Size: What the Measurements Mean and Why They Matter

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Dec 02, 2014
If you’ve shopped for amaryllis bulbs, you may have wondered whether there’s really much difference between one bulb and another. Do you need to care about the size of the bulb? To get a good value for your money, the answer is yes. With amaryllis there’s a clear relationship between bulb size and performance.
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Planting Paperwhites and Amaryllis Bulbs in Recycled Containers

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Nov 21, 2014
I have a friend who always brings such nice hostess gifts when she comes for dinner. Nothing expensive, just a little something and usually homemade. Last time she brought a small bundle of dried beans, still in their pods and tied together with raffia.
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6 Tips for Growing Paperwhites

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Nov 14, 2014
Where I live, winter is long and having fresh flowers around the house helps keep me sane. I love their beauty and fragrance, but it’s their aliveness that really feeds my soul. And that’s what I like best about paperwhites. For me, their succulent, spring green leaves are just as alluring as the flowers. And
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Grow This: Exotic Scilla Madeirensis

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Aug 18, 2014
We recently received a shipment of some very special bulbs and you can be among the first gardeners in the world to grow them. Scilla madeirensis is a rare species of hyacinth that’s native to the island of Madeira, off the coast of Portugal. The bulbs (which are dark purple!) resemble an amaryllis bulb and
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Kathleen LaLiberte has been writing about gardening for more than 30 years from her home in northern Vermont, where she tends a half acre of flowers, vegetables and fruit. She has been working with Longfield Gardens since 2011.

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