14 New Dahlias for Your Summer Flower Garden

14 New Dahlias for Your Flower Garden - Longfield Gardens

It’s December. Have you ordered your dahlias yet? Planting season is still 4 months away, so it may seem early. But dahlia lovers know that the best varieties go fast. With gardening enthusiasm at an all-time high, we expect this year’s dahlia tubers to be snapped up more quickly than ever.

Since we all need more flowers in our lives, we have added FOURTEEN new dahlias for the coming season. That’s in addition to our regular lineup, which already includes 117 others. If you are eager for a quick look at what’s new, you’ll find them all HERE. If you’d like to see our new dahlia varieties up close, read on!

14 New Dahlias for Your Flower Garden - Longfield GardensBountiful Ball Dahlias

There’s no denying that dinnerplate dahlias are the divas of the dahlia world. But ball dahlias have just as many fans — especially among cut flower growers. These dense, globe-like flower heads feature a honeycomb of rightly rolled petals. This makes the blossoms weather-resistant and incredibly durable.

14 New Dahlias for Your Flower Garden - Longfield Gardens

Ball dahlias are robust plants and they produce tons of mid-size blooms that measure 3 to 5” across. PomPon dahlias look just like ball dahlias but they are smaller, measuring just 2 to 3″ across. Both kinds are a joy to work with and last days longer than other types of dahlias. This year’s new additions include Zundert Mystery Fox, Wizard of Oz, Burlesca, Linda’s Baby and Cornel.

14 New Dahlias for Your Flower Garden - Longfield GardensCollarette and Anemone-Flowered Dahlias

These dahlias are currently very popular in Britain and are starting to catch on here in the US as well. Both types are distinctive and look more like daisies than dahlias. In the middle of anemone-flowered dahlias, such as Lifestyle and new Totally Tangerine, there is a pompon of tubular petals. These centers are usually lighter or darker in color than the petals that encircle them.

Collarette dahlias such as Kelsey Annie Joy and Kelsey Sunshine are also daisy-like but feature a collar of short, frilly petals around the center. Both types are prolific bloomers and rarely need staking. Bees and butterflies love them, too.

14 New Dahlias for Your Flower Garden - Longfield GardensDashing Decorative Dahlias

Decorative dahlias offer gardeners a mind-boggling array of colors, sizes and flower styles. The blossoms may have flat or slightly rolled petals and, depending on the variety, can measure anywhere from 4 to 7” across.

14 New Dahlias for Your Flower Garden - Longfield Gardens

All of our new decorative dahlias are varieties that are popular with flower farmers. The attributes these growers rely on are equally important to home gardeners: sturdy, vigorous plants that produce lots of flowers on strong stems. We know you will be impressed by Milena Fleur, Daisy Duke, Sweet Love and Blue Boy.

14 New Dahlias for Your Flower Garden - Longfield Gardens

Even More Dahlias to Tempt You

Here are two additional new dahlias for 2021: Libeccio and Tamburo. In color, Libeccio’s flowers are the same amazing coral/violet combination as American Dawn. But the petals are narrower and more relaxed, and this dahlia’s flower heads are almost twice the size.

The flowers of cactus dahlia Tamburo are similar to Nuit d’Ete, which it replaces. The blossoms are about 4″ across and dark as can be. They will add depth and sophistication to all your summer bouquets.

Can’t decide among all these choices? Our exclusive dahlia collections and dahlia color mixes are always an easy option. We have four new collections and two new color mixes. You’ll find them all HERE.

Want to learn more about the different types of dahlias? This infographic breaks it down and lets you see the choices at a glance: Dahlia Flower Types and Sizes.