18 New Tulips for Your Spring Garden

New Tulips for Your Spring Garden - Longfield Gardens

September is here and our fall shipping season starts in just a couple of weeks. This year we added lots of new varieties of daffodils and other spring-bloomers. And we really let ourselves go with tulips, adding a total of 18 new varieties! There are tulips in all shapes, sizes and colors. Read on to see which varieties you want to see in your garden next spring!

New Tulips for Your Spring Garden - Longfield Gardens

Fringed Tulip Izumi

Tulips on the Fringe

One of the ways we track flower trends is to keep an eye on what floral designers are doing with spring bulbs. Recently, we have been seeing fringed and lily-flowered tulips popping up in floral arrangements, so this year we are pleased to be offering two new fringed tulips and four more lily-flowered varieties.

Curly Sue and Izumi join Lambada, Maja and Carousel, to give you five beautiful fringed tulips to choose from. Curly Sue is deep raspberry-purple with heavily fringed petals. It adds wonderful depth and texture to mixed plantings and cut flower arrangements. Pink is our most popular color for tulips, and the variety Izumi is bright, candy pink with a very pale pink fringe.

New Tulips for Your Spring Garden - Longfield Gardens

Fringed Tulip Lambada

Fringed tulips are wonderful for cutting gardens. In flower beds and landscape plantings, they bloom just a tiny bit later than Triumph and Darwin Hybrid tulips. Consider combining Curly Sue with Blue Beauty, and Izumi with Apricot Delight or the lily-flowered tulip Mariette.

New Tulips for Your Spring Garden - Longfield Gardens

Lily-Flowered Tulip Budlight

Tulips with Flair

Lily-flowered tulips have tall, slender stems and long petals that end in a point. As the blossoms mature, the petals gradually open outward to reveal the interior of the flower. On sunny days, the flower heads can be as big as an outstretched palm. They make an exciting addition to any spring garden and are elegant and expressive cut flowers.

This year’s new lily-flowered tulip varieties join long time favorites Elegant Lady, Marilyn, Merlot and Purple Dream. We are especially excited about Budlight, whose petals are pale, primrose yellow at the base and snow-white at the top. This gives the blossoms an ethereal quality that looks especially lovely in dappled shade.

Dutch Dancer is relatively new to the market. It has brilliant orange and vermillion-red flowers. Considering pairing Dutch Dancer with the equally electrifying Lambada and Jimmy. A high wattage planting like this is guaranteed to attract attention.

Our other new lily-flowered tulips are Mariette and Pretty Woman. Pretty Woman has deep red petals that open wide to reveal a jet black center. It’s a good companion for fringed tulip Carousel or parrot tulip Estella Rijnveld. Mariette is a shapely heirloom variety with hot pink petals that get softer in color as the blossoms age.

New Tulips for Your Spring Garden - Longfield Gardens

Darwin Hybrid Tulip Ivory Floradale

Big-Blooming Darwin Hybrids

Darwin hybrids are our best-selling type of tulip. They are big, burly tulips with jumbo flowers on tall, sturdy stems. Though we already offer 16 varieties of Darwin hybrid tulips, we couldn’t resist adding three more choices for your spring garden.

Ivory Floradale is a classic variety that was introduced to the market in 1965. Its enormous, egg-shaped flowers are very pale yellow when they first open and gradually fade to ivory. If you want  a bed of tulips that will be supremely elegant, cool, and sophisticated, you simply can’t do better than Ivory Floradale.

New Tulips for Your Spring Garden - Longfield Gardens

Darwin Hybrid Tulip Design Impression

Design Impression is a relatively new variety that originated as a “sport” of the ever popular Pink Impression. Its blossoms are a scrumptious combination of pale pink and dark pink with a flash of apricot down the center of each petal. As with all Darwin hybrids, Design Impression has extra large, long-lasting flowers and blooms midseason.

New Tulips for Your Spring Garden - Longfield Gardens

Darwin Hybrid Tulip Lightning Sun

You may not use a lot of orange in your perennial garden, but orange is a great color for spring. Lighting Sun delivers that bold punch of warm color that we crave after so many cold winter days. Its papaya-orange petals are yellow at the base, which gives the flowers a golden glow, especially in the sun. Lightning Sun has great curb appeal and is a wonderful partner for the variety Beauty of Spring.

New Tulips for Your Spring Garden - Longfield Gardens

Double Late Tulip Akebono

Irresistible Double Tulips

Floral designers love working with double tulips because they have the same romantic softness as roses and peonies. Home gardeners also love the fact that double tulips are long-lasting and great for containers. To stretch the tulip season, be sure to plant both early-blooming and late-blooming double tulips.

In response to requests for a pure white, double early tulip, we are pleased to offer Mondial. First introduced in 1997, this is a reliable performer that has stood the test of time. You can plan on it blooming around the middle of daffodil season. Mondial’s blossoms have a very pale yellow center and a nice fragrance.

New Tulips for Your Spring Garden - Longfield Gardens

Double Late Tulip Blue Spectacle

We now offer 19 different varieties of double late tulips plus two mixes. They are gorgeous cut flowers and remarkably heat resistant in the garden.

Akebono is a new color-changing double late tulip that opens yellow with green flares and just a hint of red on the edges of the petals. As the flowers mature, the yellow fades to cream, and a rosy blush spreads across the petals. Stunning!

We are pleased that Blue Spectacle is back in our lineup after being unavailable for several years. The violet-purple flowers are lush and full, with six or more layers of satiny petals. If you love purple, consider pairing Blue Spectacle with Negrita Double for a double helping of scrumptious, raspberry-grape flowers. As with other double late tulips, you can count on Blue Spectacle to be heat tolerant and long-lasting.

New Tulips for Your Spring Garden - Longfield Gardens

Triumph Tulip Kansas Proud

More Fabulous New Tulip Colors

Triumphs offer the tulip world’s widest selection of color choices. New this year is Purple Raven, which replaces the currently unavailable variety Barcelona. Purple Raven’s petals are the same saturated, deep pink color with just a hint of lavender.

We already offer two mulberry-colored mid-season tulips, so did we really need to add Kansas Proud? Yes. Oh yes, we did. Kansas Proud features a frosty white base that really catches your eye. As the white comes up into the petals, it shifts to smoky blue-violet. Very striking in the garden.

New Tulips for Your Spring Garden - Longfield Gardens

Single Late Tulip El Nino

Late-Blooming Tulips to Close Out the Season

Single late tulips, also known as cottage or French tulips, are the tallest of all tulips with some varieties reaching 30″. They are the last tulips to bloom and a wonderful way to stretch the spring bulb season by a full two weeks. This year we are offering 12 varieties of single late tulips including three new ones: El Nino, Blushing Lady and Antoinette. All have tall, slender flowers with pointed petals that open wide on sunny days.

El Nino will mesmerize you with its painterly blend of colors. The flowers open apricot and rose, and gradually shift to gold and yellow with speckles of pumpkin orange and vermillion. Blushing Lady is equally stunning but softer: rose pink at the base and pale yellow on top, where the shapely petals catch the light.

New Tulips for Your Spring Garden - Longfield Gardens

Single Late Tulip Antoinette

Antoinette is a multi-flowered tulip with a bouquet of 2-4 blossoms on each stem. This variety is another color-changer whose flowers start out white and pale yellow, and gradually intensify to yellow, pink and rose.

If you’d like to see some of these new tulips bloom in your garden next spring, now is the time to order. New varieties are always in short supply and sell out quickly. To see all of our new spring-blooming bulbs, click HERE. Happy planting!

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