Amaryllis Planting Tips – From Erin at The Impatient Gardener

Copy of Amaryllis for mid-winter blooms

Amaryllis are incredibly easy to grow indoors. Plant a few bulbs in pots during the fall, and you’ll have flowers blooming all winter long. But even with bulbs as easy as amaryllis, experienced gardeners know there’s always more to learn. And this is why we asked Erin from The Impatient Gardener to create a video with amaryllis planting tips.

Erin is a hands-on gardener who tells it like it is. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and always eager to try something new. She is also an amaryllis fan and grows at least a dozen of them every winter. In this video, Erin covers bulb quality, bloom times, planting containers and soil mixes, how to plant, growing in soil vs water and how to care for the bulbs after they finish flowering.

Be sure to check out Erin’s YouTube channel for dozens of other, equally terrific videos about flower gardening, landscaping and edible plants.

Shop for Amaryllis

Longfield Gardens ships amaryllis bulbs from September through early December. For the best selection, including access to limited new varieties, order your bulbs by mid-November. Early blooming amaryllis (from the southern hemisphere) flower during December. They are wonderful for gift-giving and holiday decorating. Our winter-blooming amaryllis are grown in Holland. Depending on the variety, growing conditions and when you plant, these bulbs flower between January and mid-March. Click HERE to see our complete selection of amaryllis.

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