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Beauty of the Bud

Posted by Marlene Thompson on Apr 4, 2015


ABOVE: Early in the bloom time of Tulip Van Eijk, the buds have a sleek silhouette and stand tall ready to burst with beautiful potential.

Spring is a wonderful time of year, especially if you planted tulip bulbs last fall! Depending on your location, you are either seeing tulip foliage push up through the ground, enjoying a full display of flowers or somewhere in between. Last year I planted Darwin Hybrid Tulips Mystic Van Eijk in my front landscape bed and captured the progression of spring as told through the beauty of the tulip bud.


ABOVE: As the tulip matures and as the days get warmer, tulips will open up more, catching the natural light and showing off their bright, saturated color.


ABOVE: When Tulip Mystic Van Eijk reaches its peak, it will display the most vibrant color of its life cycle.


ABOVE: At the end of its bloom time, Mystic Van Eijk takes on a paler pink color and begins to hand over its reign to late blooming tulips and daffodils.

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Kathleen LaLiberte has been writing about gardening for more than 30 years from her home in northern Vermont, where she tends a half acre of flowers, vegetables and fruit. She has been working with Longfield Gardens since 2011.

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