Color Trends in the Garden: 2013

Color Trends in the Garden 2013 - Longfield Gardens

Dahlas are available in wide variety of beautiful colors and textures. Options include these orange and purple blooms that echo the color palette from Pantone’s 2013 Spring and Fall Fashion Report.

The color experts at Pantone are recognized worldwide for their color matching system. The company also produces a semi-annual color trends report that predicts the hot new colors for each season. As soon as these reports are released, clothing and home goods designers rush into action. They are eager to produce wares that will meet the demand from trend-savvy consumers.

For gardeners, Pantone’s seasonal color trends can be a good source of creative inspiration. The annual picks often include colors and color combinations that will stretch your boundaries. Along the way, it’s likely you’ll discover new plants and new color harmonies.

Express Yourself With Color

Color is a very personal choice. We choose our clothing, cars and interior furnishings based on what colors speak to us. So it’s only natural to choose flower colors that have the same natural appeal. Whether your style is classic and consistent or trendy and transient, color gives you an opportunity to get creative and develop your own unique style.

Color Trends in the Garden 2013 - Longfield Gardens

Tulip Double Early Pippa Mix

For spring 2013, purple and orange are the fashion world’s coolest color combination. These hues come together in our Pippa Mix tulip mix, shown above. It’s a variation on the fresh colors of African Violet (Pantone 16-3520) and Nectarine (Pantone 16-1360).

Color Trends in the Garden - Longfield Gardens

Hyacinth Pixie Mix

We have put together a slightly more saturated version of the same color combination in our Pixie Mix hyacinths. It was inspired by the deeper shades of Koi (Pantone 17-1452) and Acai (Pantone 19-3628).

Color Trends in the Garden - Longfield Gardens

Sugar Plum Dahlia Mix

During the summer months, dahlias make it easy to bring this year’s Pantone color palette into your garden — as well as your home. This Sugar Plum Mix includes three varieties of dahlias in hues of purple, red-orange and gold. They will bloom from midsummer to frost and provide a bounty of beautiful flowers for cutting.

Our color mixes and perfect pairs make it easy to find combinations that will give you beautiful results. If you want to learn more about combining colors, you’ll find all the basics here: Garden Color 101.