Magnificent Muscari – Blooming Now!

Magnificent Muscari Blooming Now - Longfield Gardens

Commonly known as grape hyacinths, muscari are small flowers that are big on style. These fall-planted bulbs produce charming spring flowers in beautiful hues of blue and purple. They are perfect for containers, or borders and combine well with most other spring-blooming flowers and plants.

Growing Muscari in a Garden

Most muscari are about 6″ tall, so to make a big impact, it’s best to plant them in large groups. One of the most stunning displays of muscari in the world is at the Keukenhof gardens in Holland. If you have never experienced this spring-blooming wonderland,  you will want to put it on your travel bucket list!

Magnificent Muscari Blooming Now - Longfield Gardens

A river of muscari at the Keukenhof.

The Keukenhof is located in the Netherlands, in the City of Lisse. It occupies about 79 acres of land and there are approximately 9 miles of footpaths that meander through more than 7 million flower bulbs.

Though the plantings change every year, there is always a mass planting of muscari, planted like a river in an opening between the trees. You may never be able to plant this many muscari in your own garden, but it’s inspiring to see what an incredible impact it can have.

On a smaller scale, we can create our own “streams” of muscari and enjoy the role this little spring flower can have in our gardens and landscapes.

Magnificent Muscari Blooming Now - Longfield Gardens

Muscari can be planted to soften the edges of borders and walkways, and to create graceful transitions between plantings.

Growing Muscari in Containers

Muscari (commonly known as grape hyacinths) look charming in containers. The bulbs need to be planted in fall and go through 12-15 weeks of cold weather. The soil temperature should be about 40°F — don’t let the soil freeze as that will kill the bulbs. Once the winter chilling period has ended, you can move the pots to a cool, but bright location (indoors or out). Water lightly until they bloom.

Magnificent Muscari Blooming Now - Longfield Gardens

These p0ts of muscari ‘Valerie Finnis’ would be a perfect party centerpiece or thoughtful gift.

Magnificent Muscari Blooming Now - Longfield Gardens

Muscari adds style to outdoor spaces with its pretty purple blooms and cascading foliage.

Combining Muscari with Other Spring Bulbs

Low-growing grape hyacinths are perfect companions for taller spring-blooming bulbs such as tulips and daffodils. In landscaped areas and flower gardens, you can create layers of color by planting muscari bulbs in front and the bulbs of taller plants behind.

Planting clusters of bulbs between shrubs and mid-size perennials creates puddles of color with a big impact.

Magnificent Muscari Blooming Now - Longfield Gardens

Choose flowering bulbs that are taller than muscari to create a layered look. This composition is pleasing to the eye and adds curb appeal to your home.

Magnificent Muscari Blooming Now - Longfield Gardens

Plant muscari among other similar-height bulbs for a look that’s casual and abundant.

Magnificent Muscari Blooming Now - Longfield Gardens

Muscari can also be planted in areas that already contain a perennial ground cover, such as these anemone blandas. Other companions include vinca and creeping thyme.

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