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Making an Impact With Border Dahlias

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Mar 31, 2016
The only way to really understand a plant is to grow it yourself. So in our business, we wind up growing a lot of plants. We have a large trial garden behind our offices where we test new varieties and monitor the performance of others. Most of us also have our own home gardens. The gardening and landscaping that we do
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New Dahlias for 2016

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Jan 26, 2016
This year’s dahlias will be arriving in our warehouse very soon and today we’re offering a sneak peek at some of the new varieties in our 2016 assortment. For some, it’s the first time they have been available in the U.S., which means you can be among the first to grow them in your garden. These new-for-2016 varieties include:
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Overwintering Dahlias? Time To Check the Tubers

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Jan 07, 2016
I was in the basement last weekend planting the last of my amaryllis bulbs, and decided I’d better check on the dahlia tubers. If you have tubers stored away for next spring, this is a good time to see how they’re doing. The key to successfully overwintering dahlias is to keep the tubers properly hydrated. When spring comes, you want them to be
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The Flowerhouse – A Blooming Showcase of Past, Present and Future

Posted by Marlene Thompson on Nov 04, 2015
  It was a signature Michigan autumn evening: crisp, cool and a little windy. The chill in the air didn’t deter the big crowd that gathered to celebrate the 10th and final Field to Vase Dinner and celebration of the Flowerhouse in Hamtramck.
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Dahlias from Bud to Bloom

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Jul 17, 2015
  Sometimes flowers take you by surprise and seem to burst into bloom overnight. But more often, it’s a slower process that happens over days or even weeks. Watching and waiting is all part of the fun. Now that it’s midsummer, dahlias are hitting their stride and pumping out buds by the dozens. At first
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Growing Dahlias: How and Why to Pinch Your Plants

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Jul 10, 2015
To pinch or not to pinch? If that is your question, we say pinch! Though dahlias will grow just fine on their own, one little pinch will give you a stronger, bushier plant with more flowers. This holds true whether you are growing border dahlias, dinnerplates or decoratives. When to Do It. The best time
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Garden Inspiration: Border Dahlias Around Our Homes

Posted by Marlene Thompson on Mar 10, 2015
At Longfield Gardens, we are more than just a bulb company. We are also husbands, wives, parents, grandparents and gardeners. When planting season starts, we don’t have professional landscapers planting at our homes…we only have our shovels, bulbs and a plan! When our gardens come into bloom we enjoy the results and of course take
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Falling In Love With Dinnerplate Dahlias

Posted by Kath LaLiberte on Feb 11, 2015
Sometimes all it takes is one look. The dahlia Café Au Lait caught my eye as I wandered through the crowded aisles of Seattle’s Pike Place Market. It was wrapped in brown kraft paper, combined with pink and peach zinnias, pale blue hydrangeas and lavender asters. If you aren’t familiar with this variety, it’s the pale one in the
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Ready To Grow Big Blooming Dahlias?

Posted by Marlene Thompson on Feb 10, 2015
If you are looking for the WOW factor in your summer garden, look no further than big blooming dahlias! Your neighbors will walk by your home a little slower to get a better look, visitors will be amazed and you will be impressed!    Are you ready to grow a ‘flower firework show’ in your garden
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Color Trends in the Garden: 2013

Posted by Longfield Gardens on Mar 25, 2013
The color experts at Pantone are recognized worldwide for their color matching system and their semi-annual fashion reports that predict the hot new colors for each season. As soon as these fashion reports are released, clothing and home goods designers scramble to produce their wares in these designated colors. For gardeners, Pantone’s seasonal color trends can be an excellent source
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Kathleen LaLiberte has been writing about gardening for more than 30 years from her home in northern Vermont, where she tends a half acre of flowers, vegetables and fruit. She has been working with Longfield Gardens since 2011.

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