Grow This: Exotic Scilla Madeirensis

Grow This: Exotic Scilla Madeirensis

We recently received a shipment of some very special bulbs and you can be among the first gardeners in the world to grow them. Scilla madeirensis is a rare speciesRead More

Trending Thursday - Muscari Inspiration

Trending Thursday – Muscari Inspiration

Muscari is your garden’s best accessory. Stunning on it’s own, it also coordinates with almost every fall-planted, spring blooming bulb in your garden! A picture is worth a thousand words,Read More

A Week At Keukenhof

A Week At Keukenhof

Every year we visit the The Netherlands and spend a significant time at Keukenhof in Lisse. If you have not been to the world’s largest garden, you must put thisRead More

Daffodils - Spring's Sunshine

Daffodils – Spring’s Sunshine

Narcissus, or daffodils, are a stunning and simple way to add a breath of fresh air to your spring gardens. Hardy and cold tolerant, daffodil bulbs that were planted lastRead More

Blooming Now - Crocus and Tulips

Blooming Now – Crocus and Tulips

Right now spring gardens are in full bloom (or will be in bloom soon). While planning has to happen months in advance, inspiration happens while bulbs are blooming! The best way toRead More

Daffodil Bulbs for Landscaping

Daffodil Bulbs for Landscaping

Nature presents us with the gift of daffodils every spring. Cold, wet and rainy weather doesn’t bother these cheery, spring-blooming bulbs. No matter where you grow daffodil bulbs, they always bloom right on schedule,Read More

Magnificent Muscari - Blooming Now!

Magnificent Muscari – Blooming Now!

Commonly known as grape hyacinths, muscari are small flowers that are big on style. These fall-planted bulbs produce charming spring flowers in beautiful hues of blue and purple. They are perfect for containers, borders and combineRead More

Oh No DEER...Not Here!

Oh No DEER…Not Here!

If deer are causing problems in your yard and garden, here are some ways to protect your plants. Home Remedies Natural repellents like dish soap, cayenne pepper, sour milk, garlic and rottenRead More