American Flowers Week: Celebrate Locally-Grown Cut Flowers

American Flowers Week - Longfield Gardens

Summer is officially here and it’s time to celebrate the fifth annual American Flowers Week. This national campaign seeks to raise awareness about locally-grown cut flowers and introduce some of the flower farmers and floral designers who are at the forefront of the movement.

American Flowers Week – Keeping it Local

The guiding force behind American Flowers Week is, a network of growers, designers and retailers, with 800 members across the U.S. and Canada. By working together, these flower-focused entrepreneurs are growing our domestic cut flower market and creating exciting new opportunities — both financial and creative.

The first American Flowers Week featured a virtual fashion show of “botanical couture.” It was an instant hit and has become the centerpiece of this annual event. Members of the Slow Flowers community are invited to produce wearable art made from locally-grown flowers and foliage. Their creations are revealed and are showcased during American Flowers Week.

American Flowers Week - Longfield Gardens

CALIFORNIA. Flowers by Dramm & Echter @dramm_and_echter; Design and Photography: Jenny M. Diaz @jennymdiaz

Longfield Gardens is proud to be a corporate sponsor of, and this year we are also attending and helping to sponsor the Slow Flowers Summit in Minneapolis, June 30-July 2. We are enthusiastic about supporting these local flower farmers and floral designers, because flowers are our business, too!

This farm-to-vase and garden-to-vase approach to cut flowers is reinventing the way consumers see and interact with flowers. There’s a growing appreciation for freshness and seasonality. And people are discovering what an incredible range of fabulous flowers and foliage can be produced close to home.

American Flowers Week - Longfield Gardens

OREGON. Design by Beth Syphers, Crowley House Flower Farm @crowleyhouse; Flowers by Bethany and Charles Little, Charles Little & Co. @charleslittleandco; Photography: Haley Swinth @haleyswinth

The Ultra-Local Option – Grow Your Own

The American Flowers Week message is simple. When you purchase flowers for a gift, a wedding, a special event or for your own home, buy local whenever possible. If you don’t know where to find locally-grown flowers, you can find an easy-to-use directory on

Of course, growing your own cut flowers is the BEST option! Thanks to local flower farmers, the range of choices has gets better every year. There are so many wonderful new varieties of annuals and perennials developed specifically for cutting. And don’t forget about bulbs. Longfield Gardens has spring-blooming bulbs to keep your vases filled during April through May, and summer-blooming bulbs for spectacular arrangements from June through October.

American Flowers Week - Longfield Gardens

FLORIDA. Design by Eileen Tongson, FarmGal Flowers @farmgalflowers; Ferns and foliage by Fern Trust @ferntrustinc; Photography: Danielle Werner @livewonderful_

You can find information about cut flowers on our website and in our blog, including: How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer, DIY Wedding Flowers, and Fragrant Flowers for Homegrown Bouquets.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the Slow Flowers movement and these hard working, creative people who are so passionate about flowers. Support your local flower farmer — your purchase makes a difference!

American Flowers Week - Longfield Gardens

MAINE. Design by Rayne Grace Hoke, Flora’s Muse @florasmuse; Flowers by Johnny’s Selected Seeds @johnnys_seeds; Photography: Kristen Earley, Johnny’s Selected Seeds; Chris Pinchbeck @chrispinchbeck