Don’t Miss These New Dahlias for 2022

New Dahlias for 2022 - Longfield Gardens

As the demand for dahlias continues to grow, orders are coming in earlier and earlier every year. This means by the time we highlight the season’s new varieties, many have already sold out. Unfortunately, all of our Sweet Nathalie, Brown Sugar, Eveline, and Creme de Cognac tubers have been spoken for.

But don’t despair. We still have plenty of terrific new varieties to choose from. Here are a couple of the new dahlias for 2022 that you won’t want to miss.

New Dahlias for 2022 - Longfield Gardens

Dahlia Bohemian Spartacus

Dahlias With a Difference

Not everyone loves a showboat. But dahlias do it so well. Take Bohemian Spartacus, for example. It’s a sport of the solid red variety, Spartacus and the flowers are just as enormous, measuring as much as 10″ across. The ruffled petals are deep, garnet red, and curl away from the center of the flower. What sets this variety apart is the random, creamy white stripes that decorate the petals and make every blossom a unique work of art.

New Dahlias for 2022 - Longfield Gardens

Dahlia Marble Ball

Marble Ball is another dahlia with striking color variations. This ball dahlia’s 3″ blossoms are a scrumptious swirl of raspberry and cream. Some flowers feature more raspberries, some more cream. No two are exactly alike. This makes Marble Ball a terrific “bridge” flower that will work with almost any color scheme.

New Dahlias for 2022 - Longfield Gardens

Dahlia Bahama Mama

Bahama Mama is another dahlia with an outsized personality. The flowers are 6″ across so they’re big but not too large for casual, mixed bouquets. The flower form is open, like a waterlily, but the petals are long and gently curled at the tips. The color is also so much more than pink. The petals are pale yellow at the base and violet at the tips. We look forward to pairing this beauty with varieties such as Lifestyle, Purple Taiheijo and Blue Boy.

New Dahlias for 2022 - Longfield Gardens

The varieties Arbatax, Sandra and White Aster make good partners.

Dahlias On the Sweet Side

Dahlias are always in high demand for weddings. Many flower farmers sell the majority of their flowers to floral designers and wholesale suppliers whose primary focus is the wedding industry. Recent trends indicate that modern brides are gravitating to more diverse color palettes, yet white, buff and pastel colors still dominate.

Several of this year’s new varieties fit that profile perfectly. The flowers of Arbatax (shown above) have frosty white petals and orchid-pink tips. So many beautiful annuals bloom in various shades of pink, including cosmos, snapdragons and zinnias. Add perennials such as yarrow, phlox, astilbe and sedums, and there’s little doubt Arbatax will find its way into almost every bouquet you make.

New Dahlias for 2022 - Longfield Gardens

Dahlia Fluffles

Fluffles is a dahlia we have been waiting for and are very happy to finally be offering. The lilac-pink flowers have pale yellow centers and fade to white at the tips. As the name suggests, the petals are curled and have a little twist to them that adds texture and personality to this pretty, pastel flower. A natural partner for Cafe au Lait or Break Out.

New Dahlias for 2022 - Longfield Gardens

The Flirty Fleurs Cuenca dahlia collection features four different varieties of ball dahlias.

Can You Have Too Many Ball Dahlias?

Obviously, we don’t think so and it seems our customers agree. This year we are offering a total of 13 ball dahlias, including several new ones. Though Brown Sugar, Linda’s Baby, Zundert Mystery Fox and Maarn have already sold out, we will hopefully have enough of the others to go around.

New Dahlias for 2022 - Longfield Gardens

Dahlia Sandra

Sandra is actually classified as a decorative dahlia, but we’re including it here because its flower form is very ball-like. Flower farmers love Sandra because the plants produce lots of blooms and the color goes beautifully with so many popular varieties. It works beautifully with Arbatax and White Aster, which you can see in one of the photos above.

New Dahlias for 2022 - Longfield Gardens

Dahlia Rocco

Rocco is officially a pompon dahlia. This means it has a ball form, but the flowers are smaller. In the case of Rocco, they measure just 2″ across. The color is rich and saturated, ranging from raspberry to grape. In arrangements, Rocco is like punctuation marks, adding little sparks of juicy color.

New Dahlias for 2022 - Longfield Gardens

Dahlia Jowey Nicky

Dahlias in the Jowey series are known for being vigorous and floriferous. This year, Jowey Nicky joins Jowey Mirella and Jowey Nina. The color of Jowey Nicky is somewhere between peach and apricot, which is a lovely place to be. We look forward to picking armloads of all these new dahlias and creating so many beautiful combinations.

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