New Flirty Fleurs Spring-Blooming Bulb Collections

Spring-Blooming Bulb Collections from Flirty Fleurs - Longfield Gardens

September is here and it’s time to order your spring-blooming flower bulbs! Read on to learn about our newest designer bulb collections. We hope to inspire you with some uncommon varieties and unexpected color combinations.

Working with floral designer Alicia Schwede of, we have added four gorgeous new spring-blooming bulb collections for fall 2019. All are based on arrangements Alicia created last spring, using bulbs from Longfield Gardens grown in her home garden.

Spring-Blooming Bulb Collections from Flirty Fleurs - Longfield Gardens

Alicia Schwede in her studio.

Alicia’s passion for flowers is at the core of her work as a blogger, floral educator and floral designer. Her website,, is a go-to resource for information about locally-grown cut flowers, floral design, and trends in the cut flower world.

Spring-Blooming Bulb Collections from Flirty Fleurs - Longfield Gardens

Flirty Fleurs Paloma Collection

Garden-Tested Inspiration for Fall Planting

We introduced our first Flirty Fleurs spring-blooming bulb collections in 2016 and now offer seven unique options. In the exuberant arrangement featured above, Alicia celebrates tulips in every shape and form. There are singles, doubles, and parrots, solids and stripes, in a harmony of purple and burgundy hues. The Flirty Fleurs Paloma Collection includes the varieties Black Hero, Black Parrot, Blue Spectacle, Flaming Flag, Midnight Magic and Synaeda Amor.

With more than 100 tulip bulbs, this collection will give you plenty of flowers to enjoy in the garden and to cut for spring arrangements.  Each of the 6 tulip varieties comes separately packaged, so they can be planted in whatever way works best for your garden.

Spring-Blooming Bulb Collections from Flirty Fleurs - Longfield GardensThe Flirty Fleurs Valencia Collection

Color, Texture and Fragrance

In her home garden, just north of Seattle, Alicia grows daffodils and hyacinths as well as tulips. Last spring, the first arrangement that she made for us was a sweet confection of peach, tangerine and frosty white. This new Flirty Fleurs Valencia Collection includes a total of 50 flower bulbs and features Mystic Van Eijk tulips, Delnashaugh daffodils and Aiolos hyacinths.

By reflexing the petals on some of the tulips, Alicia gave this arrangement a decidedly different look. This technique can be used on almost any type of tulip and we look forward to trying it ourselves next spring!

Spring-Blooming Bulb Collections from Flirty Fleurs - Longfield GardensThe Flirty Fleurs Bordeaux Collection

Now for Something Completely Different

Last fall, when Alicia was selecting tulips for her garden, we encouraged her to add in some varieties with a deep and dramatic color palette. So we were thrilled when she composed this sumptuous arrangement. It has all the colors and textures of a baroque drawing room, richly appointed with silks, satins, damask and brocade.

The Flirty Fleurs Bordeaux Collection includes four fabulous tulips and an equally wonderful hyacinth. Triumph tulip Continental is the darkest of them all, with maroon Black Parrot a close second. Next is double late tulip Midnight Magic, which is both incredibly large and delightfully fragrant. Blue Spectacle is another late-blooming double tulip. It adds lightness and picks up the silvery highlights in the heuchera foliage. And for an additional layer of texture and perfume, Alicia added Woodstock hyacinths.  This collection includes a total of 90 bulbs, and like all of the Flirty Fleurs spring-blooming bulb collections, it’s priced at 15% off.

Flirty Fleurs Nottingham Collection

Tulips and Daffodils with Fresh Spring Greens

Finally, we have this light-hearted celebration of pinks, cream and lime. The Flirty Fleurs Nottingham Collection includes a total of 50 bulbs: three tulip varieties and two different types of daffodils. Late-blooming double tulips Angelique and Creme Upstar have the soft, romantic appeal of peonies. Slender, lily-flowered tulip Marilyn is a pleasing contrast. Alicia also added single daffodil Pueblo and double daffodil Cheerfulness for an extra dose of sweetness.

You can plant these bulb collections in a cutting garden, as Alicia does. Another option is to work them into your perennial beds, landscaped areas or containers. The flower look just as lovely in the garden as they do in a vase. Last fall, Alicia grew many of these bulbs in large containers, which works well in areas with relatively mild winters.

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