New Flowers for Your 2020 Garden

New-Flowers-for-Your 2020 Garden - Longfield Gardens

January is dangerously early to start thinking about spring. But this is the perfect time to be ordering new plants. So take a break from the darkness and cold, and tiptoe through some of our 40 new offerings for your summer garden.

If something catches your eye, now is also the time to place your order. New varieties — and especially dahlias — always sell out early. You won’t be charged until we ship your plants in spring. And, if you order before February 10 and you’ll also save 15% (Use code SPRING2020).

Five New Dahlias

New-Flowers-for-Your 2020 Garden - Longfield Gardens

Dahlia Maarn

This ball dahlia is a long-time favorite with cut flower growers both here in the US and in Europe (where it’s known as Sylvia). The muted, cantaloupe-orange blossoms blend beautifully with almost every other color: darks, brights and pastels. Maarn is a highly productive plant, so you can expect to harvest dozens and dozens of perfectly round, 2 to 3” flowers month after month.

New-Flowers-for-Your-2020-Garden - Longfield Gardens

Dahlia Maxime

This award-winning dahlia has a look that’s unique and eye-catching. The 4 to 5” flowers have muted, tomato-red petals with a pale-yellow reverse that wraps around to create a contrasting color harmony. Maxime is showy in the garden and a stand-out in any summer arrangement.

New-Flowers-for-Your 2020 Garden - Longfield Gardens

Dahlia Impression Fantastico

Collarette dahlias are all the rage in England and are gaining in popularity here as well. Like other single dahlias, they have pollen-rich centers that are irresistible to bees and butterflies. Impression Fantastico is a dwarf dahlia with velvety-red, 3″ flowers and a collar of white petaloids. The plants grow just 20″ tall, so are perfect for containers or the front of a flower bed.

Our other new dahlias for 2020 are a red and white cactus type called Hy-Trio and mauve-colored Seniors Hope. Unfortunately, we had a very limited quantity of Seniors Hope and sold out almost immediately. Hopefully we can get lots more next season!

Six New Lilies

New-Flowers-for-Your 2020 Garden - Longfield Gardens

Lily Gaucho

Oriental-Trumpet lilies always a highlight in late summer gardens. The plants are vigorous and reliably perennial, with stems that can reach 5 to 6 feet tall and bear a dozen or more flowers. This new OT hybrid has bold, two-tone blossoms that will fill your garden with their sweet fragrance. For best results, always give lilies full sun and well-drained soil.

New-Flowers-for-Your 2020 Garden - Longfield Gardens

Lily Lilac Cloud

Double Oriental lilies have the same wonderful fragrance as regular Oriental lilies, but you get twice the petals and there are no messy stamens. Extra petals gives these flowers a very different look and we love using them in bouquets. They also grow well in containers, which lets you move them around the garden as they come into bloom. Be sure to plant extra bulbs for cutting.

New-Flowers-for-Your 2020 Garden - Longfield Gardens

Lily Regale

This elegant trumpet lily is native to southwestern China and was first introduced to England in 1903. The stems grow 4 to 6 feet tall and bear intensely fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers that are 6 to 8″ long. When grown in full sun and rich, well-drained soil, clumps of Lilium Regale will get larger each year and can eventually produce as many as 20 flowers per stem.

New-Flowers-for-Your 2020 Garden - Longfield Gardens

New Peonies, Too!

Peony Coral Charm

This peony’s unique color and lovely form has earned it a Gold Medal from the American Peony Society. The loose, semi-double flowers feature a flounce of coral and cream petals surrounding a golden yellow center. Both the plant and the stems are sturdy and upright, so this peony rarely needs support. Blooms early in the season.

New-Flowers-for-Your 2020 Garden - Longfield Gardens

Peony Red Charm

This heirloom peony is a perennial garden favorite. Its large, wine-red flowers have a single row of guard petals, cupping a frilly center. Red Charm is particularly good for cutting. The strong, upright stems usually lack side buds and have a pronounced, rose-like fragrance.

Other New Perennials

New-Flowers-for-Your 2020 Garden - Longfield Gardens

Daylily Lavender Tonic

This high-performing daylily is a perennial garden favorite. Its compact height (17-20″) is perfect for the front of a flower border. You can squeeze Lavender Tonic into small gardens and even grow it in a container. The lavender-pink flowers have rounded, lightly ruffled petals. This is one of five new daylilies that we have added for 2020.

New-Flowers-for-Your 2020 Garden - Longfield Gardens

Astilbe Mighty Pip

Astilbes come in many different heights. This is one of the tallest. Mighty Pip produces 4-foot plumes of vibrant, candy-pink flowers that are an instant focal point in any shady garden. Like other astilbes, the plant has leathery foliage that stays neat and attractive all season long. Bloom time is early summer. Mighty Pip is one of four new astilbes this year.

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