Taking The Heat!
Wordless Wednesday

Plan for late spring blooming alliums by planting frost tolerant pansies and snapdragons now.

Daffodil Bulbs for Landscaping

Nature presents us with the gift of daffodils every spring. Cold, wet and rainy weather doesn’t bother these cheery, spring-blooming bulbs. No matter where you grow daffodil bulbs, they always bloom right on schedule,Read More

Wordless Wednesday
Magnificent Muscari - Blooming Now!

Commonly known as grape hyacinths, muscari are small flowers that are big on style. These fall-planted bulbs produce charming spring flowers in beautiful hues of blue and purple. They are perfect for containers, borders and combineRead More

Wordless Wednesday
Oh No DEER...Not Here!

If deer are causing problems in your yard and garden, here are some ways to protect your plants. Home Remedies Natural repellents like dish soap, cayenne pepper, sour milk, garlic and rottenRead More

Wordless Wednesday

Spring is a time for renewal; inspiration blooms all around us. Iris Reticulata greets us as one of the earliest bloomers of spring.

Color Trends in the Garden: 2013

The color experts at Pantone are recognized worldwide for their color matching system and their semi-annual fashion reports that predict the hot new colors for each season. As soon as these fashion reports are released, clothing and homeRead More

Wordless Wednesday

Canna Medium Brilliant and caladium make a perfect combination in containers and gardens. Plant in the spring for color all summer long.