Perfectly Pink Tulips: Spring Inspiration from Holland

Perfectly Pink Tulips - Longfield Gardens

Gardeners often have a strong opinion about pink flowers. Clearly, many people love them, because no matter what the season, they are always among our top sellers. But there are plenty of others who are on the fence about the color pink. And some who avoid it altogether.

No matter how you feel about pink flowers, they can introduce a lushness and romantic charm that you just can’t get with other flower colors. The trick is to know how to use them well. This includes being able to recognize the difference between warm pinks and cool pinks and appreciating how pastel pinks vs jewel-tones can create very different moods.

Perfectly Pink Tulips - Longfield Gardens

It’s Hard Not to Love Pink Tulips

Tulips offer gardeners an easy way to learn about some of pink’s many personalities. If you treat these bulbs as annuals, every spring presents a new opportunity to experiment with this color. Go bold and bright one year, soft and delicate another. Plant a single variety en masse or create an hombre effect by using varieties with different color temperatures or values.

Perfectly Pink Tulips - Longfield Gardens

Pink Tulips on Parade

One of the best places to experience pink tulips in all their sweet splendor is Holland’s 79-acre Keukenhof display garden. Gardeners from all over the world come to wander through this floral paradise and marvel at hundreds of different varieties of tulips in every color of the rainbow.

If you want to understand the many faces of pink, the Keukenhof offers an incredible opportunity to observe how this color can be used effectively. In sun and in shade, on its own and in combination with other colors.

Perfectly Pink Tulips - Longfield Gardens

Due to the ongoing pandemic, this year Keukenhof is opening for just one 3-day weekend, April 16-18. A total of 15,000 people will be allowed to purchase tickets, compared to the 1,000,000 visitors who typically pour through the gates.

In normal years, members of our staff visit the garden multiple times during April and early May, to take photos of new varieties and combinations. Fortunately, Dutch growers and wholesalers are being allowed to tour the grounds up to twice per week to assess and document the performance of their bulbs. The photos you see here are a mix of shots from this year and years past.

Perfectly Pink Tulips - Longfield Gardens

Find Your Favorites and Reserve Them Now

Demand for flower bulbs continues to be at an all-time high, and growers are struggling to keep up. If any of these scrumptious pink tulips catch your eye, it’s not too early to reserve them for planting next fall.

The majority of our fall 2021 bulb selection is available now for pre-orders. Over the coming weeks, we will be adding another 25 new varieties. So be sure to come back for a second look! Consider complimenting your beautiful pink tulips with pink-cupped daffodils and pink hyacinths. You’ll find them all HERE.

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