Supporting Peony Plants with Cages

I love growing peonies and enjoy having them in my garden and using them as cut flowers. Peonies take patience, because the plants often take two or even three years to get well established and begin blooming. But these plants are well worth the wait. Once planted, peonies require very little attention and will flower reliably for 50 years or more.

Peonies bloom in late spring or early summer, depending on your location. The flowers are so large that they sometimes get weighed down — especially when it rains. The easiest way to keep the flowers upright is with a peony grid or cage.


You can find these cages in most any garden center. They are a good investment, because they can be used year after year. The key to successfully caging peonies is to get them in place early, before the leaves unfurl (see photo above). If you are a bit late, you may still be able to guide the stems through the cage holes, but it takes more care and effort.

As the peonies grow, the stems come up through the cage. This helps keep the flowers upright and off the ground. It only takes a few minutes to cage a peony, and you’ll enjoy the results all season long. Learn more about growing peonies HERE.