Growing Amaryllis with Kids: 6 Fun Projects


We find that most kids get just as excited about growing amaryllis as we do. It’s hard not to be impressed by the size of the bulbs and flowers that are as big as your head!

If you haven’t planted an amaryllis with a child, give one of these projects a try. Or just put a few bulbs out on the table and see what they come up with!

1. Make a Growth Chart

Start with a ruler and calendar. Measure the growth day by day and use the data to make charts or graphs on paper or on a computer. Compare the growth rate for two or three different varieties, or the effects of sunlight and temperature. It’s an activity our friend Mia, at Modern Mia Gardening is doing with her kids this winter. 

2. Study Root Growth

Grow an amaryllis in a clear glass vase with the bulb resting on stones. See the roots develop and watch them reach for the water below. How does a plant drink through its roots and how can a plant live on water alone?

amaryllis bulbs in recycled metal tin

3. Raid the Recycling Bin

Amaryllis bulbs aren’t fussy about where they grow. Challenge kids to get creative by planting the bulbs in containers that were not intended for plants. Try planting amaryllis in an old boot, a half-gallon milk jug or a pickle jar. Visit a thrift store for more inspiration.

4. Make Some Teacher Gifts

Amaryllis bulbs are inexpensive, totally unique gifts for the holidays and beyond. Wrap each bulb in a home-made fabric bag. Or pot them up with care instructions and a homemade plant tag. Checking in on the bulb’s growth is great way for your child to connect with his or her teacher.


5. Open Sesame

Who doesn’t want to know what an amaryllis bulb looks like on the inside? Buy a bulb to grow and a bulb to slice in half. Or buy a few extra bulbs and slice them open at different times to see what’s happening as the bulb starts growing. 

6. Plant Pals

Is there a special child in your life who you don’t get to see very often? If you both grow an amaryllis at the same time, you can compare your results each day. Gardening is always more fun when you can share the experience.

If you know of some fun ways to get kids involved with growing amaryllis indoors, please leave a comment below. Learn more about amaryllis here: How to Choose a Quality Amaryllis Bulb, When Will Your Amaryllis Bloom? or How to Get an Amaryllis Bulb to Rebloom.