Allium – Fireworks in the Garden and In Your Home

This spring I was able to enjoy a stunning display of alliums in my garden. These late spring bloomers were the grand finale in a spectacular spring flower show.


It’s mid-summer here and the 4th of July! I love decorating for holidays, but I always struggle with decorating for this holiday because red, white and blue are not my color scheme of choice for my home (inside and out). Last weekend I was cleaning up my garden and considered cutting down the alliums because they are not that brilliant purple anymore. That’s when I noticed they have the shape like a firework exploding!


This gave me an even better idea! I can skip decorating for the 4th of July in the traditional way and bring these ‘fireworks’ in my home to decorate my entryway in a more subtle, natural way. I was very happy with the result. I should have brought them inside last week and could have added layers of red, white and blue vase stones or flags and pinwheels. I could also see spray painting the dried blooms white, silver or gold. The decorating possibilities are endless and now I’m starting to think of what I can do with them for the winter holiday season! One of the best things about gardening is finding all the wonderful ways to use dried flowers and leaves in my home as decor. 




Have you used bloomed-out alliums as indoor decor? I would love to hear your ideas because I still have a garden full of these spectacular shaped blooms.

Have a safe and fun 4th of July weekend!