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Welcome to the Longfield Gardens Blog where our gardening philosophy is simplicity and inspiration. In our blog you’ll find inspiring ideas coupled with easy how-to instructions to help you grow a strong and beautiful garden.

Spring planted begonias and peoniesSpring planted Begonias and Peonies produce impressive blooms in summer gardens.

We live in a busy world and who has time for gardening, right? Many people avoid growing anything at all because they believe two gardening myths: 1) I don’t have a green thumb, or 2) It’s too complicated.

First of all, nobody should ever have a green thumb and if you do, you might want to have that looked at. Second, we understand why you would lose interest when garden speak starts taking a turn toward fertilizer PH numbers, heights and widths and the dreaded ‘water twice daily.’ It can make you wonder if you signed up for trigonometry when all you wanted was to grow a pretty flower. It can also make you feel like you are destined to never vacation again as long as you grow a garden because you will be watering, pruning and fertilizing for all of eternity! For some plants this may be true, but we have your solution: FLOWER BULBS.

Spring planted Cannas, Glads, Elephant Ear and CaladiumSpring planted Cannas make great privacy borders while Gladiolus are perfect cut flowers in vases! Elephant Ear and Caladium make a great pair in the garden.

Bulbs are fantastically foolproof because if you plant them, they will grow! There are basics you will always want to keep in mind, but nothing mind-blowing that will leave you perplexed and eternally foliage free. When you get the right start and buy high quality bulbs and plants, you can put in so little time and still enjoy beautiful plants and flowers. Bulbs and perennials offer rich blooming colors, fabulous greenery, interesting texture and great solutions that eliminate your most challenging garden dilemmas.

Fall planted Tulips and DaffodilsFall planted Tulips and Daffodils look great in landscapes and containers. 

There are as many flower bulbs to choose from as their are garden styles. We are currently entering our Spring Planted Bulb season and it’s time to start thinking about getting your favorite Dahilas, Begonias or Gladiolus (just to name a few) in the ground. These summer blooming beauties will give you a colorful display flowers in your garden from summer into fall.

When people think of bulbs, usually the first thing that they picture is tulips! Fall Planted Bulbs like Tulips, Daffodils and Crocus, are the icons of spring and give you the first blooms of spring. There are also bulbs for winter indoor gardens that include Amaryllis and Paperwhites. These look fantastic for months planted in vases and pots in a sunny spot in your home. At Longfield Gardens, we sell a fantastic selection of high quality bulbs for your year round gardening!

Hostas soften walkwaysSoften borders along walkways and in shady places with Hostas.

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