Peonies: Garden to Vase

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In the garden, peonies take a couple of years to establish, but this is truly a flower that pays off with patience! Boasting big blooms in cut flower gardens, peonies are the perfect flower for enjoying indoors. Here are a few simple steps to enjoy cut peonies from your garden.

  1. Morning is the best time to cut garden flowers. Cut so that you have enough stem length for your vase and bring inside.
  2. Remove any leaves that would end up below the water level as you don’t want any unecessary leaf rot. 
  3. Immerse flower stems in a bowl or sink of cool water and cut off 1/2″ of the stem under water. This gives your cut flowers a good start.
  4. Keep out of direct sunlight and keep your water fresh.
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What is your favorite cut flower or arranging tip?