Fireworks in the Garden

As Independence Day approaches, we’d like to say happy birthday to our country and celebrate with flowers! Summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy a fabulous fireworks show in the garden.

Asiatic Lily Red

Spring planted, summer blooming asiatic lilies burst into bloom with firework-like petals and stamens. Beautiful in gardens and vases.


Covered in star-shaped flowers, Eucomis boasts a firework show on every stem! A unique perennial you will enjoy year after year.

Dahlia FIrework resized 600Dahila mixes combine various bloom shapes; from the Dahlia Cactus explosion of blooms, to the rounded Dahila PomPon these flowers are a celebration all their own!

AstilbeBench 6509(3) resized 600Create a silhouette of fireworks along your horizon by planting Astilbe in beds and along property lines. 


What are your favorite varieties for a firework display in the garden?