A Tulip of Many Colors

Tulips are cherished for their wide range of colors, sizes and silhouettes. A tulip’s color can be one of it’s most interesting attributes for a number of reasons aside from its obvious beauty. Below we will show you some of the more intriguing varieties that boast many colors from the same bulb. 



Some variety of tulips produce different color blooms from the same bulb. This is great for gardeners because you can buy one bag of tulips and end up with a stunning mixed color appearance in the garden. Perhaps these naturally occuring color mixes are nature’s way of being a garden designer.

Tulip, Striped Apeldoorn

Tulip Darwin Hybrid Striped Apeldoorn is a classic example of a tulip that blooms in multiple colors from the same bulb.

Tulip Triumph Hemisphere

Tulip Fosteriana Flaming Purissima change color day by day. The colors change from pink to snowy white, making it a simply lovely early spring flower. 


Tulips can also change colors as they age. This gives you a color changing show almost everyday as the maturing flowers change in hue becoming more intense in color.

Tulip Triumph Moulin Rouge

Tulip Triumph Moulin Rouge opens creamy white with striking raspberry-pink accents. As the flower matures, the petals become more colorful, until they’re almost completely cherry pink, rose and crimson.


In this series of photos, you can see how Tulip Triumph Shirley changes color as the flower matures. Opening up as a white bloom with soft lilac edging around the petals, the bloom’s purple color slowly spreads until the entire flower is laced with color.

Color changing tulips are the tulips of many colors! You can get more out of your garden, add interest and enjoy a variety of different hues with just one natural mix of tulips. What’s your favorite variety?