Deer Resistant Bulbs

Anyone who lives in close proximity with deer knows that they can be a real challenge in the garden. They can jump fences 8ft and higher, and f the winters are hard enough, (and if they are hungry enough) they will eat just about any vegetation. My garden is routinely perused by deer and I have had many disappointing seasons where they have eaten something I was looking forward to enjoying. So how can a gardener keep their blooms from becoming a deer salad?

naturalizing and deer resistant

Daffodils are a great choice for woodland areas where deer frequently roam.

The first answer is deer repellent. A while back I wrote a blog called Oh No, DEER…Not Here! where I discussed some great deer repellent options, both store bought and home made, as well as tips on using them successfully. The second way to discourage deer from eating your spring flowers is to plant what they do not like. Fall planting is here and it’s time to start thinking about choosing deer resistant bulbs so that you can enjoy every bloom next spring.

The obvious deer resistant spring-flowering bulbs are the traditional choices of daffodils, crocus and muscari. The great thing about bulbs is that there are so many deer resistant options available, that you can grow the timeless classics or try something new and unique.

Allium in the gardenPlant a mix of white and purple alliums, or plant with other perennials. 

Alliums are round shaped flowers that stand majestically atop tall, strong stems. They come in shades of purple, white and dark burgundy. You can make a dramatic statement in the garden by planting these and enjoying big blooms in gardens and vases. These beautiful flowers look great to us, but deer do not find them appealing.


Highly fragrant hyacinth boast large blooms on shorter, strong stems. Plant with muscari, in containers or as a colorful border along walkways.

Hyacinth are highly fragrant spring flowers that, while short in stature, are big on blooming impact. They look beautiful and smell wonderful, but deer will not eat these flowers.


LEFT: Fritillaria Imperialis Rubra Maxima takes center stage with its deep orange blooms. RIGHT: Fritillaria Liliaceae Persica is a striking dark purple. 

Frittilaria Imperialis stand tall in gardens at up to 2 to 3 feet and add a touch of exotic to your landscape. Rings of bells under a crown of shiny green foliage look stunning when planted with a group of daffodils or muscari. Other unique frittilaria that give you a wildflower garden effect and are also deer resistant are Frittilaria Liliaceae.

describe the imageMuscari paired with daffodils create a beautiful deer resistant garden.

Muscari looks beautiful on its own, makes a great companion plant and is deer resistant. The cool blues look stunning with bright yellow and orange daffodils and since they are shorter in height, they make great border plants.

You can enjoy a blooming spring garden even if you have unwelcome (deer) guests. There are many more deer resistant bulbs, check out our full assortment here.

What’s your favorite deer resistant flower?