Amaryllis Nymph – A Beautiful Series!

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I just love it when a great home decor look comes together effortlessly! That is why we love the Nymph Series from this year’s Amaryllis Collection. The classic amaryllis tends to be about 20 inches tall and the blooms fan out into a rounded star shape. The Nymph Series grows shorter and has a double bloom that creates a fuller effect. Grow every variety in your home for a coordinated and stylish look that will brighten up those dreary, dark days of winter.

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Left: The double bloom of Amaryllis Nymph. Right: The traditional bloom of Amaryllis Apple Blossom.

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Cherry Nymph makes a big impression with traditional red blooms and layers of flower petals that shimmer. This beauty resembles a rose and sits atop strong stems. It’s featured here planted in our Round Birch Pot. This rustic container is the perfect accent for your winter decor.

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Amaryllis Nymph is a gorgeous double amaryllis. It has layers of pretty white petals traced with red. The center features a soft, lime glow and the rounded blossoms have a light fragrance. This is a nice, neutral amaryllis that would go really well in every room of your home. The great thing about amaryllis is that they will bloom well into March, so consider this as decor for any upcoming birthday parties, anniversaries or dinner parties.

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Truly living up to its name, Sweet Nymph is a darling amaryllis that one can’t help but love! The layers of shimmering pink veined petals create large flowers atop the strong, shorter stems. These pretty flowers would make the perfect centerpiece for a romantic Valentine’s dinner. As a cut flower, amaryllis do really well in vases after they mature.

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White Nymph boasts big, double blooms in creamy white. They transition to light green toward the center and look stunning in every home. These blooms are a great way to add some fresh, long lasting flowers to your home during dreary winter days. In the photo above, we’ve planted 3 bulbs in our classy Oval Birch container. You can see the full ‘garden’ you can create with a container, a little soil and a few bulbs. Our Oval Birch Gift Kit comes with 2 bulbs, but with free shipping on orders of $50 or more, why not add another bulb!


What’s your favorite Nymph variety? Here are a few of our favorite amaryllis varieties at Longfield.