The Beauty of Growing Indoor Bulbs

There is no doubt that amaryllis in full bloom are stunning and impressive. Paperwhites are simply charming with their pretty-scented white blooms. One of the most interesting things I’ve found over the years of growing amaryllis & paperwhites is the actual stages of growth up to the big blooming show.

First, let’s take a look what components can go into growing the amaryllis and paperwhites. There are many ways to grow them in soil or on a bed of rocks. I have had so much fun with our stylish containers this year and it has sparked many ideas. From birch to woven nest-like containers to my personal favorite….the vintage box with wooden handles…we have a container for every style!  

amaryllis bulbs, wooden box, soil, decorative moss

To create an indoor amaryllis garden, choose this vintage wooden box, amaryllis bulbs, soil and decorative moss. wooden box, paperwhites, soil, decorative mossTo create an indoor paperwhites garden, choose this vintage wooden box, paperwhite bulbs, soil and decorative moss.  

These wooden boxes have been our most popular containers. We were recently asked to join Hometalk in a Google+ hangout to talk about the best gifts for gardeners. We had this fantastic gift kit as a giveaway and the response was amazing! 

Amaryllis and paperwhites are so easy to grow. They don’t require much water or light and you can plant them in good soil or atop decorative stones in a vase or dish. Jen Pfau, our marketing director was able to grow beautiful amaryllis in her lower level apartment in New York that bloomed all winter long. My home has a lot of light and I found that turning the container if the stem started to lean was the best way to keep the plant straight as they tended to grow toward the light. 

The results are stunning from planting to blooming and every stage of growth in between.

PAPERWHITES – Beauty at every stage of growth

Paperwhite Ziva freshly planted

 Paperwhites growth stage 2

Paperwhites in bloom



AMARYLLIS – Growing a masterpiece

Newly planted amaryllis bulbs

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To learn more, download our Guide to Growing Amaryllis and Paperwhites. 

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