Variety Spotlight – Border Dahlia Art Nouveau

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When planning your border garden, consider the multitude of colors and combinations that can enhance the space. Create a unique mix starting with your favorite colors and try out a few new textures each time you go to plant. You never know which unique combination will become your favorite!

We love how the brilliant pink-purple Border Dahlia Art Nouveau looks planted in the midst of an abundance of green foliage adds curb appeal and interest to gardens. Brightly colored blooms can be embedded in the center of a lush area and still draw lots of attention. Plant some caladiums, evergreens or dark colored annuals nearby and see first-hand how the bold, solid tone really stands out. The Art Nouveau has a 4-6” bloom, which is large for the decorative category, and they look magnificent in the summer sun.

Dahlia Art Nouveau adds a jolt of color to drab, late summer perennial gardens. These compact plants never need staking and are great for beds, borders and containers.

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