Dahlia Rembrandt and Caladium – A Perfect Pair

Dahlia Rembrandt

Spring is just around the corner and if you haven’t started planning your spring garden yet, now is the time! We are in love with the look of Caladium Gingerland and Dahlia Rembrandt for their refreshing pop of red and pink mixed with dark and light greens and chartreuse. Gingerland’s spotted red flecks play off Rembrandt’s bright pink blooms, creating a perfect harmony of color. 

This combination looks great in borders and containers. Caladium Gingerland is a wonderful variety because even though it thrives in shade, it will tolerate the sun, making it a more versatile plant to pair with sun loving dahlias. 

Learn more about these varieties and more on our website. What are your favorite color combinations for your summer garden?