Amaryllis Bulb Aftercare



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Some indoor plants bloom all year-round, but when an amaryllis bulb has finished blooming, that’s it until next year. You can either discard the bulb and buy fresh ones next fall, or, keep the bulb growing until it’s ready to bloom again next winter.

I always buy new amaryllis bulbs in the fall, but having last year’s bulbs gives me lots of extras for sharing or for grouping in larger containers.

To get a second year of flowers, cut back the stems to just above the top of the bulb, keeping the leaves intact. Keep the plant in a cool, sunny window and water as needed so the soil stays barely moist. Give it some liquid fertilizer about once a month.

When spring arrives and there’s no danger of frost, put the pot outdoors in a partially shaded location. Care for your amaryllis as you would a houseplant, watering and fertilizing as needed. The healthier the plant, the bigger the bulb, and the more flowers it will produce.

When fall is approaching (and before any danger of frost), bring the pot indoors. Put it in a cool, relatively dark place (garage or basement) and stop watering. This will tell the bulb that it’s time to rest and initiate flower formation. After a six to eight week rest, gently remove the bulb from the pot and pull off any dry leaves. Replant the bulb in fresh potting soil and care for it as you would a newly purchased bulb.

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