Bloom Time Chart for Spring and Summer Bulbs


Flower bulbs are an easy way to boost the amount of color in your yard and garden. By choosing bulbs that flower at different times during the growing season, you can be sure to always have something beautiful coming into bloom.

Our new bloom time chart (shown below) lets you see at a glance when each type of flower bulb comes into bloom. To get a continuous parade of color, you can simply plant a few bulbs from each bloom time.

What’s the proper time for planting bulbs? It all depends on when the bulb blooms. Spring-flowering bulbs such as crocuses, daffodils, tulips and alliums are planted in the fall. Bulbs that bloom from early summer to fall, such as dahlias, tuberous begonias and canna lilies are planted in spring. Fall-blooming crocuses and colchicums are planted in late summer.

Want to know more about growing flower bulbs? Our article called Types of Bulbs shows you the differences between tubers, corms, true bulbs and rhizomes. For more tips, read: How to Plan a Spring Bulb Garden and Know Your Growing Zone or watch the video Why Flower Bulbs Are So Easy To Grow.

To download or print a copy of our bloom time chart, just click on the graphic at the bottom of this page.




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