Blooming Now – Crocus and Tulips


Right now spring gardens are in full bloom (or will be in bloom soon). While planning has to happen months in advance, inspiration happens while bulbs are blooming!

The best way to get the most out of your garden season is to plant bulbs in the fall that will bloom in succession in the spring. Blooming right now in the garden state of New Jersey are these beauties!  Crocus are one of the early blooming fall planted, spring blooming bulbs, which makes them a perfect companion to mid-spring bloomers like the tulips pictured with them.

SIMPLE TO DO: In the fall, before the ground freezes, choose your planting location. Plant the tulip bulbs 6” deep. Cover the bulbs halfway and place your crocus bulbs at 3” deep. Because crocus are shorter in growing stature, it’s best to plant them closer to the front of your border or walkway so they can be showcased with the tulip foliage backdrop.

EASY TO LOVE: In the spring, your crocus flowers will come up underneath and around your tulip foliage, creating a charming look in the garden. When the crocus flowers have faded, the tulips will bloom and take center stage. This solves the problem of worrying about cutting back faded blooms and foliage.

 Did you do anything creative with your bulb gardens this year? We’d love to see what is blooming now in your gardens! Learn more about gardening with bulbs in our garden guide.