Color Trends – Black and White In Your Garden


Fashion designers from Paris to New York, home designers in every magazine and bloggers across the web have all been raving about the black and white trend. If you love color trends, you are going to love this! If you prefer a classic look, you are going to love this too! It’s black and white and it’s gracing gardens just as beautifully as it did the runways.

This is not the first time the black and white trend has made a presence…because black and white is as timeless and classic as the little black dress! It goes with everything and can be casual and playful or formal and elegant. In gardens, a truly black flower is not always attainable, but you can come pretty close! Here are our favorite fall-planted black & white favorites.



ABOVE: Late blooming Tulip Queen of Night pairs elegantly with Double Late Tulip Mount Tacoma. Plant Queen of Night alone for big impact in gardens, or pair with highly contrasting white tulips with similar bloom times for an impressive display. Black Parrot Tulip has such a dazzling deep maroon it appears almost black. Pair with White Parrot Tulip for a tulip garden full of texture and contrast.