Discover the Beauty of Double Daffodils

Discover the Beauty of Double Daffodils - Longfield Gardens

Classic daffodils are easy to recognize. They have a prominent trumpet surrounded by six petals. Double daffodils look completely different. They have at least one extra layer of petals and no sign of a trumpet!

With double daffodils, there is little difference between the perianth (petals) and the corona (trumpet). Both of these flower parts look like petals, though they may be different colors, textures or lengths.

Discover the Beauty of Double Daffodils - Longfield Gardens

Daffodil Tahiti

Double daffodils come in many beautiful colors, including yellow, white, peach, pink and orange. Some popular varieties include: Delnashaugh, Cheerfulness, Tahiti, Double Smiles, White Lion, Golden Ducat, Sherborne, La Torch, Lingerie and Sweet Pomponette.

Daffodils with extra petals are relatively unusual, but they’re not new. The varieties Golden Ducat and White Lion were introduced in the 1940’s, and Tahiti has been popular since 1956.

In some cases, such as Double Smiles, double daffodils are the intentional result of hybridizing. Others began as “sports,” which means they were naturally-occurring genetic variations. Golden Ducat, for example, was a sport of the legendary King Alfred daffodil. Growers cultivated that original double flower and then released it as a separate variety.

Tips for Using Double Daffodils in Your Garden

Regular daffodils look great planted in large numbers. Double daffodils are usually planted in smaller groups. This lets you see and appreciate the beauty of each flower up close.

Double daffodils have only one real enemy: rain. In this respect they are similar to peonies. When the blossoms get water-logged, they get very heavy and can break. Consider planting doubles in a slightly protected location, or stick with varieties that are known for their strong stems, such as Cheerfulness, Sherborne, La Torch, Lingerie and Tahiti.

Discover the Beauty of Double Daffodils - Longfield Gardens

Daffodils White Lion and Golden Ducat

Most doubles bloom in the second half of the daffodil season. This means they are more heat tolerant than early-blooming varieties, making them good choices for warm climates. Some of these varieties include Golden Ducat, Tahiti, White Lion and Cheerfulness.

Double daffodils are often fragrant, so consider planting the bulbs near a patio or walkway where you can enjoy their perfume. The rose-like flowers also look gorgeous in a vase. If you have a cutting garden, an assortment of double daffodils will give you lots of options for spring arrangements.

Discover the Beauty of Double Daffodils - Longfield Gardens

Daffodil Cheerfulness

If you are cutting daffodils for an indoor arrangement, remember to condition the stems before combining them with other types of flowers. This seals off the sap that can cause other flowers to wilt. Cut the stems to length and let them sit on their own in a vase of cool water for at least 6 hours. Do not recut the stems before arranging them.

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