Double Amaryllis Inspiration


Enjoy twice the flowering beauty with double amaryllis! A beautiful variation of the regular flowering version, double amaryllis feature buds that burst open to reveal layers of petals, creating a ‘double’ look to the big bloom. Double amaryllis come in a variety of colors from white to red and pinks in between. The Nymph Series is a particularly interesting series of amaryllis. Nymph amaryllis have shorter stems, making them naturally sturdy to hold the big double blooms that burst upward. Available in 4 pretty colors, The Nymph Series includes Sweet Nymph (pictured above), Nymph, Cherry Nymph and White Nymph


Double amaryllis are no strangers to big blooms! If you are looking for bold color, look no further than the Amaryllis Double King (bottom left). This brilliant red flower has three or more layers of thick, velvety petals. Double King is a sure show-stopper that will brighten up the winter months for weeks. Amaryllis Splash (bottom right) features bright, high contrast amaryllis that mixes a showy red with a frosty white star in the center. The petals are more narrow than the Double King but curve away from the center to accent the white markings. 


It’s hard not to love these rose-like double flowers! If you enjoy flowers in the winter but want your bouquets to last longer, you should definitely try growing double amaryllis this winter.