Facebook Fans Say Mental Health Is Top Reason for Gardening


For people who don’t garden, it can be hard to understand what’s so appealing about playing with plants. To be honest, I occasionally ask myself the same question. Yet every spring I can hardly wait to get back out there and do it all over again.

What is it that drives us to dig, plant and weed? Last month we asked our Facebook fans that very question: “Why do you garden?”  As soon as the post went up, the responses started flooding in. People clearly didn’t need to think about it — they were well aware of what motivates them!

We had fun reading through all 200 comments. The reason that topped the list by a factor of two? Mental health. Almost 100 people said they garden because it gives them happiness, sanity, peace of mind, calmness and feeds their soul. Other reasons given included (in order of popularity): rewards and results, memories and family, color and beauty, and connection to nature.

While you are waiting to get back out there into your own garden, we thought you might enjoy reading a few of our favorite responses. Thank you to everyone who submitted a comment. You brightened up our winter!


“I garden because it is my time to reflect on things in my life – both those that bring happiness and those that bring sadness. Some of my best thinking comes during gardening. And some of my best solutions are realized when gardening. Gardening is my best form of therapy.”


“I garden because having my hands in the soil is an essential part of how I breathe. Without it I fill clogged up, weighed down and incomplete.”


“I garden because I can’t stop myself, it is the hope of things to come!”


“I garden because of the peaceful feeling. I am happier planting and weeding and gardening than any other time. I love having my time in the landscape thinking of the blessings we have with nature.”


“I garden because even after all these years, I find watching that first little sign of life bursting through the dirt is thrilling.”


“I garden because no matter what else is going on in my world, planning and visualizing what will bloom and grow weeks and months in the future gives me something beautiful to look forward to.”


“I garden because I love making the world around me brilliantly beautiful.”


“When I am in the garden, I connect with the sun, plants, insects, birds, my garden cats and my neighbors. For some reason, being in the garden opens the door to connecting in my mind, body and spirit. No electrical devices necessary!”


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