Garden Inspiration: Border Dahlias Around Our Homes

At Longfield Gardens, we are more than just a bulb company. We are also husbands, wives, parents, grandparents and gardeners. When planting season starts, we don’t have professional landscapers planting at our homes…we only have our shovels, bulbs and a plan! When our gardens come into bloom we enjoy the results and of course take many photographs.

As the Creative Director for Longfield, I spend A LOT of time looking at our photography. Last week I collected a group of my favorite border dahlia photos. I have to admit these are probably one of my favorite spring-planted bulbs. I have grown them in my border and am amazed at how spectacular they are every summer. If you are familiar with dahlias, you know they can often grow up to 5 feet tall. Border dahlias are different because they grow much more compact at just 15-24″ with the same flower power as the taller dahlias. This shorter quality makes them perfect for borders! 

The thing I find most interesting about this collection of photos is that these are all real people’s homes…people that I know and work with. If we can plant and enjoy dahlias and get these results, you can too! I hope you enjoy a peek into our home gardens and feel inspired to plant your own.

Dahlia Gallery Pablo

Each spring our Owner/President of Longfield grows dahlias along his brick walkway. These Border Dahlia Gallery Pablo went great with his pumpkins and other fall decor. 


When sunlight hits dahlias, it really makes the dimension of their color pop! The height makes them a perfect flower to plant with caladiums and with other foundation shrubs.


These stunning Gallery Art Deco Dahlias in the back yard really stand out and make a nice transition between the lawn and the patio’s brick wall. They have some serious flower power!


By filling raised beds with Border Dahlia Gallery Bellini, we created a charming cottage-garden that accented this house nicely. The short bushy foliage combined with the big, profuse blooms filled out the space with very little effort!


Border Dahlia Art Nouveau pairs really nicely with Fancy Caladium Aaron along this walkway.