New Cut Flowers for Your 2016 Garden


Summer-blooming bulbs (like the dahlia Diva shown above) are some of the best flowers for cutting. They’re easy to grow, long-blooming and incredibly prolific. Tuck some of these bulbs into your garden this spring and by midsummer you’ll have your own supply of beautiful fresh flowers — free for the picking!

For the coming season, we have expanded our assortment of cut flowers with some dazzling new lilies, glads and dahlias. Here’s a quick look at 5 of them that are guaranteed to take your summer flower arrangements to new heights.


Gladiolus Tricolore. This riveting, high-style color combination gives glads a whole new look. Scarlet-red petals are splashed with purple and maroon. Plant a handful of these bulbs every week during early summer and enjoy continuous flowers right through September. Tricolore is being featured as a new variety by the National Garden Bureau.


Dahlia Miracle Princess. This new dahlia has big, 5″ diameter flowers on a sturdy, 3 foot plant. The orchid-pink blooms have creamy white centers and a golden glow. A great choice for cottage gardens and an outstanding cut flower. Named for the breeder’s niece, who is a fan of both pink and princesses. This new variety is currently being featured by the National Garden Bureau.


Oriental Lily Bafferari. Celebrate high summer with these fragrant, snowy-white lilies. A brushstroke of lemon-lime adorns each petal and gives Bafferari a look that’s both fresh and elegant. Jumbo flowers measure 7” across and are intensely fragrant.


Gladiolus Lola Montez. Love purple? Don’t miss out on this striking new tri-color gladiolus. The rich, violet-purple flowers are decorated with a cream and sunny lemon throat. Each 4-foot stem bears almost a dozen flowers.


Dahlia Penhill Watermelon. This giant, dinnerplate dahlia is a dreamy combination of pink, peach and buttercream. It takes just one blossom make a good-sized bouquet. Penhill Watermelon blends beautifully with every color in the garden, which also makes it a favorite for summer flower arrangements.

Check our website to see more new varieties for 2016.