New Flirty Fleurs Designer Collections for Fall Planting

designer collections for fall planting - Longfield Gardens

September is here and it’s time to order your spring-blooming flower bulbs! Our new designer bulb collections can inspire you with uncommon varieties and unexpected color combinations for fall planting.

Working with floral designer Alicia Schwede of, we are introducing three gorgeous new flower bulb collections for fall 2017. All are based on arrangements that Alicia created last spring, using bulbs she grew in her home garden.

Designer Collections for Fall Planting - Longfield Gardens

Alicia’s passion for flowers is at the core of her work as a blogger, floral educator and floral designer. Her website,, is a go-to resource for information about locally-grown cut flowers, floral design, and trends in the cut flower world.

Designer Collections for Fall Planting - Longfield Gardens

Jubilee Collection

Garden-Tested Inspiration for Fall Planting

We introduced our first Flirty Fleurs collection last fall. This exuberant arrangement features red and white tulips with vastly different flower styles such as doubles, fringes and parrots. The Jubilee Collection (shown above) includes 75 flower bulbs. Each of the 6 tulip varieties comes separately packaged: Red WingCartoucheWhite ParrotCarnaval de NiceMidnight Magic and Estella Rijnveld.

Designer Collections for Fall Planting - Longfield Gardens

Somerset Collection

New Somerset Collection

Alicia plants daffodils and hyacinths as well as tulips. Last spring, the first arrangement that she made for us was a sweet confection of peach, lemon, tangerine and frosty white. This new Somerset Collection includes a total of 65 flower bulbs. They are the same varieties of daffodils and hyacinths Alicia used in her arrangement: White Lion, Delnashaugh and Barrett Browning daffodils, and Aiolos and Gypsy Queen hyacinths.

Designer Collections for Fall Planting - Longfield Gardens

Baroque Collection

New Baroque Collection

This arrangement has the same timeless appeal as “old masters” paintings from the 17th century. Warm, coppery hues of midseason tulips Double Gudoshnik, Apricot Impression and Lambada are echoed in the ruffled petals of double daffodil Delnashaugh. The Baroque Collection includes a total of 55 bulbs and like all of our collections, is priced at 20% off.

Designer Collections for Fall Planting - Longfield Gardens

Tivoli Collection

New Tivoli Collection

This collection recalls the opulent splendor of the ancient Roman villas and pleasure gardens of Tivoli. It includes white and black parrot tulips, and double late tulip Backpacker, plus lily-flowered tulip Claudia, and single late tulip Queen of Night. The elegant white daffodil Starlight Sensation adds sparkle. With 75 bulbs, the Tivoli Collection will ensure you have plenty of flowers for making your own beautiful spring arrangements.

You can plant these bulb collections in a cutting garden, as Alicia does. They can also be planted in perennial beds, landscaped areas or containers. The colors and flower styles look just as lovely in the garden as they do in a vase.

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