Wordless Wednesday

Winter has worn out its welcome, but fall-planted Rijnveld’s Early Sensation blooms brightly during these gray days. This early bloomer is a sign of spring to come. What activity are you seeing in your garden?

Using a Terrarium to Start Tuberous Begonias

Terrariums are the latest trend in home décor, but did you know that you can use them to get a jump start on your garden? Terrariums can act as a countertop greenhouse for growing tuberous begonias. Spring is right around theRead More

Wordless Wednesday
Starting Tuberous Begonias Indoors

Have you heard the old saying “You can’t fool Mother Nature?” Clearly whomever coined the phrase never started tuberous begonias indoors! Gardeners are always eager for the gardening season to begin, and sometimes winter can make us feel less like cozy hibernating bearsRead More

Unique Color Is Natural For Dahlia Rebecca's World

In the plant world, color variations are usually the result of genetic mutations that change the appearance of the flowers or foliage. Dahlia Rebecca’s World is remarkable because the color changes in each flower are NOT mutations. This charming dahlia simply has more creativity thanRead More

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