Planting Paperwhites and Amaryllis Bulbs in Recycled Containers

I have a friend who always brings such nice hostess gifts when she comes for dinner. Nothing expensive, just a little something and usually homemade. Last time she brought a small bundle of dried beans, still in their pods and tied together with raffia.

With the holidays coming, I wanted to put together some hostess gifts using paperwhites and amaryllis. I have lots of pots that I’ve collected over the years, but thought it would be fun to try something a little different. So I went rummaging in my recycling bin.




The colors in the olive oil tin are perfect for Thanksgiving and it was exactly the right size for an amaryllis. I put some big stones in the bottom, then a couple inches of moist growing mix, then the amaryllis bulb and a little more moist growing mix. Topped it off with some packaged moss (I could have used some moss from my yard but it was snowing out).



For the paperwhites I used an empty glass jar that had contained artichoke hearts. (It looks like a quart jar in this photo but it’s actually quite a bit larger). I put crushed stone in the bottom, then 4 paperwhite bulbs and then a little more crushed stone to hold the bulbs in place. Added some ribbon, stalks from a sensitive fern and a little sprig of cedar. 

Next up are some holiday cookie tins that I found in the basement. I also have my eye on a big round can of stuffed grape leaves (but have to eat the grape leaves first).

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