Protecting Gardens from Deer

After waiting for months to my see tulips bloom, it’s both heartbreaking and infuriating to have them mowed down by deer. But when deer populations are high, and the deer are really hungry, as they are in the spring, gardeners have to be one step ahead.

Deer behavior varies, so figuring out what works best in your garden requires some trial and error. The most effective strategies usually combine a number of different techniques, including spray repellents and physical barriers. If deer are a problem in your yard, now’s the time to be thinking about how you’ll protect your spring bulbs.



Though deer do like eating tulips, they will not eat daffodils. And there are many other spring bulbs they tend to avoid, such as Hyacinths, MuscariScilla siberica, Scilla campanulata, Chionodoxa, Fritillaria and AlliumsTo learn more, read our article: How to Protect Your Garden from Deer.