The Tulip House – Bulb Garden Inspiration

After a long and cold winter, spring arrived and my fall-planted bulbs started to bloom…and bloom…and bloom. WOW! Did they ever bloom! My front and back yard are flowering in full force and I have had many people call, text and email with questions about how I did it! I am blessed with visitors who walk by and enjoy the blooms as much as I do.

Yesterday at my child’s school, I was talking to a new neighbor who wanted to know where I lived. I was trying to explain to her and wasn’t incredibly successful until she asked me “Well, where are you in relationship to the tulip house?” I laughed and told her “I am that tulip house.” She immediately knew where I live!

Planting bulbs is a great way to enjoy full color in the spring. Fall-planted, spring blooming bulbs bloom in such a gorgeous array of colors not found in many other plant categories. Our fall collection of bulbs is now on sale on our website and I suggest you shop early so you are guaranteed your favorite flowers as we sell out fast!

I have very much enjoyed the view of my flowers from my front porch and I hope my garden gives you inspiration to plant your spring blooming garden.