Up Your Game with New Dahlias for 2023

New Dahlias for 2023 - Longfield Gardens

It’s that time of year again. Time to decide which dahlia varieties you’ll be growing this season and which ones you won’t. For me, it can take weeks to strike a balance between the tubers I saved from last year, new dahlia that I am eager to try, and varieties I have grown in the past that I want to grow again.

I’m finding the process a bit easier this year due to some changes in our dahlia assortment. Read on to learn why shopping for dahlias from Longfield Gardens is better than ever.

New Dahlias for 2023 - Longfield Gardens

Fewer Tubers Per Bag to Expand Your Options

Starting this spring, our dahlias are available in packages of two, rather than three clumps. We know that most home gardeners have a limited amount of space for dahlias. With fewer clumps per bag, you can fit more varieties into the same amount of space.

Prices for everything, including dahlias, have gone up significantly over the past couple years. With the change in packaging, ours are now priced at between $10.25 and $15.50 for two clumps, depending on the variety. You’ll find our dahlias are still among the most affordable on the market.

New Dahlias for 2023 - Longfield Gardens

16 All-New Dahlia Collections

Out with the old and in with the new! For spring 2023, we are excited to introduce our new and improved dahlia collections. You’ll find some beautiful new color combinations and a much wider assortment of flower styles.

Our dahlia collections are always popular – for many different reasons. They are a great place to start for anyone new to growing dahlias. If you love cut flowers, making bouquets is a snap when your dahlias bloom in a harmonious color palette. These new dahlia collections also give you an opportunity to experiment with less common flower styles such as pompons, collarettes and anemone-flowered dahlias.

New Dahlias for 2023 - Longfield Gardens

We have also added three lovely new Flirty Fleurs dahlia collections from floral designer Alicia Schwede. The Marrakesh Collection (shown above) is a wonderful blend of warm hues and interesting flower styles, featuring a ball, a classic decorative and an anemone-flowered dahlia. Rio is a blaze of hot colors, with three completely different flower styles: dinnerplate, decorative and collarette.

New Dahlias for 2023 - Longfield Gardens

Alicia’s Bergen collection (shown above) combines the blush-pink dinnerplate dahlia Café au Lait with two coral-colored beauties: Zundert Mystery Fox, a ball, and Great Silence, a waterlily-style decorative. Click HERE to see all 13 Flirty Fleurs dahlia collections.

New Dahlias for 2023 - Longfield Gardens

Summer Spritz Dahlia Collection

Shop Martha Stewart’s Top Picks

Today’s flower gardeners owe a lot to Martha Stewart. She has been promoting the beauty of flowers and flower gardens through books, magazines, television shows and online media channels for more than 30 years. It’s hard to think of anyone who has done more to ignite today’s passion for flowers and flower gardening.

We are proud to announce that some of our flower bulbs and perennials (including several dahlia collections) have been selected for the Good Things department at Martha.com. All of them were chosen by Martha and her team, and you can be sure they will delight you with their beautiful blooms. See them all HERE.

New Dahlias for 2023 - Longfield Gardens

Collarette Dahlia Pooh

You Ask, We Deliver

While we can’t offer every dahlia variety on the market, we strive to keep our assortment broad, and respond to your requests for new or trending varieties. Three varieties people have been asking for are Cornel Bronze, Polka and Pooh. All three are outstanding performers and we are pleased to now have them in our assortment.

New Dahlias for 2023 - Longfield Gardens

Ball Dahlia Cornel Bronze

Like it’s sibling Cornel, Cornel Bronze is a large and incredibly sturdy ball dahlia. To say the flowers are muted orange undersells them. Think honey, apricot and a hint of salmon. Polka is a totally unique dahlia and has been getting lots of attention on social media. The anemone-style flowers are yellow in the center, with ivory petals outlined in red. Collarette dahlias like Pooh continue to grow in popularity. It’s hard not to smile when you see these fluorescent orange and yellow flowers. Bees are crazy about them.

New Dahlias for 2023 - Longfield Gardens

Dinnerplate Dahlia Islander

6 More New Dahlias to Tempt You

What color dahlias outsell all others? Pink ones, by a mile! To feed this craving for pink, we have added four new options in four different flower styles. Choose the lovely waterlily dahlia Onesta, dinnerplate dahlia Islander, decorative dahlia Lucca Johanna or pompon dahlia Jan van Schaffelaar. For an even easier option, order our new Cherry Crush Dahlia Collection with four pink dahlias in four different flower styles.

New Dahlias for 2023 - Longfield Gardens

Dahlia Dynamite

There are two other new dahlias that also made the cut. Dynamite has a big personality, though the plants grow just two feet tall. These cheery, red and white striped flowers are perfect for planting along a front walkway, in a container garden or in raised beds among your tomatoes and peppers. Have a cutting garden? Consider adding the semi-cactus dahlia Gold Crown. Its long, spiky petals and delicious butterscotch color looks fabulous with deep purples and reds.

Whichever new dahlias make your list, be sure to order them soon to avoid disappointment. Shop our complete selection of dahlias for spring 2023 HERE.